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Recent posts by Vin Ram

Dear Recruiter,

I am writing to enquire about a Java Software Engineer position in your organization. Some highlights of my resume are:

* Received the 2004 company annual award for developing an automated testing application using J2EE.
* Have extensive experience in application development using Java, C and Perl, networking, databases and system administration/integration.
* Hold B.S and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from reputed universities and Sun Certified Programmer (SCJP) and Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) for the Java TM 2 Platform 1.4 certifications.

I am presently seeking **full time employment** in the US, preferably in CA or NY area, in a company that provides me with ample opportunities to learn and grow. I am motivated, energetic, quick learner and can adapt to any environment. Please contact me at vinay.ramz at gmail dot com for my resume.

I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you.

Vinay Ram (Vinay Ramachandran)
14 years ago
Yes you can. And latest version of the exam is SCWCD 1.4 .
The equivalent book is "Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) (Paperback)" by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates. On an average I know ppl take about 3 months of preparation...but it depends on how much experience you have in JSP/Servlets.
[ January 08, 2006: Message edited by: Vin Ram ]
Read the blueprints for design patterns on Sun's is more detailed. I did that for my exam and it was helpful.
[ January 08, 2006: Message edited by: Vin Ram ]
Folks, I got 92% in my SCWCD today.The total preparation time was about 3 months; I studied about an hour a day but put in about 3 hrs (or more) in the last few weeks. This was how I prepared.

1. Read HFSJ thrice -- awesome book. "2 minute drill" at the end of each chapter would have been nice though.
2. Did Enthuware tests -- worth the money, close to the real exam. Generally got around 75-85% and spent a *lot* of time doing postmortem on the tests. Got just 66% in the HFSJ mock exam, which I took a week before the cert exam.
3. Browsed through JSP and Servlet specs and APIs.
4. Did not do many hands-on exercises since I have several years of experience in JSP and Servlets.
5. Read J2EE patterns on Sun's Website.
6. Visited JavaRanch SCWCD forum everyday. Thanks to all the folks, I learnt a lot there.

The exam questions were neither tough nor easy. Some of them were vague. This was how I tried to guess the right answer if the question was vague or had more than one right answer: 1) Think about the objective to which the question pertains to and try to figure out what is being tested 2) put myslef in the examiner's shoes. Hope the above info helps those who are preparing for the exam. Will begin preparing for SCDJWS soon. But before that its beer time!!
Inspite of reading the J2EE API, I am confused about getServletPath and getPathInfo Can someone give me a good example? Thanks
Can scriptless,tagdependent, JSP values for body-content can have an empty body when invoked? Thanks
Can anyone provide me with a link for DTDs for web.xml, tlds and any other DTDs that are needed for the SCWCD exam? Thanks
I did look up the spec and am still confused. Please see below ...

<servlet-name>MyServlet<servlet-name> --> (1)
<servlet-name>MyServlet<servlet-name> --> (1)

<servlet-name>MyServlet</servlet-name> --> (2)

Is 2 related to 1 in anyway? Or is (2) treated like a url pattern for the filter? Thanks
Hello folks,

Am a bit confused. If <servlet-name> appears under <servlet>, it is like a DD internal servlet name and if it appears inside <filter-mapping>, it is treated like <url-pattern>. Am I correct?

But the SCWCD FAQ states use Tomcat 4.0.* .Please see the link below :roll:

Can anyone tell which version of Tomcat to use?? I just installed Tomcat 4.1 today
[ July 26, 2005: Message edited by: Vin Ram ]
I have been somewhat a silent member but learnt a lot from this newsgroup. Thanks to everyone. The book that I studied for the exam was K&B, of course. Its simple and straight forward. I did Dan's(all) single topic exams, Marcus green(4) exams and K&B(2) exams. Hope this info helps ppl preparing for SJCD. SCWCD here i come...
15 years ago
Thanks. It worked. I had downloaded the wrong file.
The software that came with the K&B book took me to the learnkey website from where I downloaded the Master Demo exam (the second K&B exam I suppose). But after I installed it, it complained about some initilization problems when I ran it . Anyone having similar problems? Thanks