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Recent posts by Omar Nasir

Hey guys,

I need some help.

Lets say im trying to code a simple game, where I have 4 random numbers, and the player has to:

1) Add, subtract, multiply or divide all 4 numbers with each other to get the number 21.

2) Number can only be used once.

How would i go about with that algorithm?

Thanks, have a nice day
11 years ago
Dear Ramya,

found in the site :

i hope this helps.


12 years ago

Rob Prime wrote:I doubt you can do it with just one single loop.
Consider an array {4, 7, 3}. After not-swapping 4 and 7, the index moves one forward and you swap 7 and 3. The array is then {4, 3, 7}. Doesn't look sorted, does it?

hi guys, im new here and new to java. based on what rob said, i think you should add 1 more loop to check the reverse way.

eg : you got {4,7,3}

currently it will sort to {4,3,7}.

then you check from reverse,

i think you will get


because 7 and 3 will not swap, but 3 and 4 will.

then add 1 more loop to check both sides of array[n], to make sure that its in the right spot.

im still new, but this is my input.
12 years ago
thx lots man. sry bout the name, i changed it. i was in a hury when i signed up, did not read the naming policy. sry again. thx. ^_^
16 years ago
hello there, i am trying to make an applet out of fun. i came across a problem and need u guys to help me out.

my prob is,: take for example im making a calculator. i need to user to input 2 numbers, and a method for calculation ( add, subtract). the user then types "subtract" as method of calculation.

i wrote this:

if(mtdcal == "subtract")
sum = num1 - num2;

mtdcal is what ever that is typed into the textfield by the user.

mtdcal = txt3.getText();

but it wont work after i compile and execute it. pls tell me what to change.
16 years ago