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Recent posts by shan Iyer

Supplement your hard work with a little bit of prayer too. It works.
14 years ago
Even I lost my mine a few months back, but since that wasn't my primary account , I dind't bother much . Imagine the trouble a dedicated yahoo user would have faced. Yahoo should be hostily taken over
14 years ago
On the aspect of having a tough boss, I would like to say that negotiating tough bosses successfully is more of a mind game than your technical skills. The attitude that must be projected to a tough boss is that you care a rat's ass to his "toughness" or "ruthlessness" and that you never get intimidated whatever may be the situation, however critical. The secret is to have perfect control over your nerves under all circumstances because any signs of nervousness or fear from you would give him an opening to gain "control" over you. And then , not having adequate technical skills would just become an excuse to relegate you or even show you the door.
Sometimes, an heated argument or two with him on work related issues would also work positively for you.

I know of a technical architect with very average technical skills who negotiates a tough manager successfully by giving him a taste of his own medicine, by standing up to him and even giving back sharp,pointed answers when necessary.
14 years ago
Why not view this as an oppurtunity to stand out and get noticed ?
14 years ago
Feel good factor comes on to you when you are in love and that can increase performance at work .
However if there is a breakdown with her , then be rest assured your performance will drastically come down for some time atleast!
14 years ago
May be we are carried away by X rated videos/sites that depict office sex as being exciting.
If one cannot control his sexual urges at office , its time to go in for a therapy !
14 years ago
Do it only if you are absolutely serious about her..even ready to marry her if it reaches that stage.
I am in a kind of a problem now. There's this gorgeuos girl in my team for the past 2 months. I like many other guys , was just trying to impress her ,
in a light and a friendly way. However , I was no way serious in getting committed to her due to so many reasons.
I however couldn't stop myself from trying to impress her... and her non-responsiveness to my "monkey" acts only made be believe she's already committed to I thought....till one fine day when I came back after a one week vacation....she came up to me and said...

"Hey,where where you..why didn't you come the whole of last week? I was waiting for you everyday. " and her attitude and behaviour towards me has changed from then on .
She's sending out "love vibes" at me and I find myself in a bit of a mess here , since I am not at all serious about here . Situation now is very delicate and I need to handle it
with great subtlety to ward her off.
It was actually my fault . I should have stopped myself when I was sure I cannot get committed to her.
Hence my point is , go ahead only if you are ready to take it all the way upto a conjugal bliss , else stop now!
14 years ago
Apart from just sittng with Java tutorials, start interacting more with your team .
Build a pleasant personality and give people more than they ask for . Be very open and affable to everyone . People will start liking you more than before . And when people start liking you , they can take you to great heights .

To cite an example , my TL is technically not that great . But his personality sets him apart .
Managers love him and so do all team members . He goes out of way in helping people, takes work onto himself when any team member is on leave,helps the managers in preparing their spreadsheets reports . When nervous freshers come into the team , he makes them feel at home. He will definitely reach great heights in his career .
14 years ago
One common trait I have noticed in all corporate topshots--they are extremely happy all the time and full of vital energy . And this shows on their actions and behaviour. When my program manager walks into the floor to address the team , he lights up the floor with his energy and enthusiasm . Not a single dull moment in his talk . I have noticed this with all the CEOs as well . They are extremely cheerful and energetic. Such energy and enthusiasm attracts people to you , and is a very vital component in a prospective CEO's personality .
14 years ago
To the OP: Since its been 2 years, why not start thinking beyond the realms of programming.
Where would you like to see yourself, say , 15 years from now? A researcher,university prof,vice-president/director in a fortune 500....Why not start a single-minded pursuit towards that goal . If architect is the position you yearn to reach, then maybe expertise in Java would help.
14 years ago
May be he means unpredictable for a vast majority .
Taleb reportedly earned an hedge millions in profit in the 2008 stock market crash,
as an advisor to the fund, using his black swan theory.

I have just got hold of that book "The Black Swan", and every line from the very first page just whizzes past over my head , like a 100 mph bullet . Its way too rich in langauge and content .

His earlier book , "Fooled by randomness" was just like a primer to the whole concept of randomness and biases, but black swan is way too rich in content, since it deals with the origins of taleb's thought process, how he became a probabilist and the events that influenced his thinking.

Taleb is a genius , one of his kind, transcending all boundaries !
14 years ago
I just love District 13 . Have watched it more than 10 times
14 years ago
What I mean is the 90's or the 03-06 kind of a runaway boom .
14 years ago
IMHO, nobody has ever correctly predicted financial booms/crisis in the history of financial markets. These things don't work according to logic.
A logic can be drawn only after the event .
These are black swan events , very difficult to predicted, occurs when least expected and
made to look obvious by "experts" after its occurrance.
IMHO, the next boom will also tread on the borders of being a black swan , if not a full black swan . Maybe a grey swan .
A sector, completely unkown now, might take the charge and lead the next boom. Technology might not lead . You'll then have people scrambling to get into that sector,
like what happened in IT in the 90s. The boom might be of a magnitude unheard of before . Massive and enormous , dwarfing the previous booms .
May be a boom might never happen for a hundred years and we might suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a third world war . I am somehow convinced that its not going to be on the lines of the previous boom .
Anyone close to a correct prediction and taking steps accordingly (taking up work in correct sector or buying stocks which are dirt cheap now but might become another google later on) is going to very rich.
14 years ago
And I am a firm believer of this theory .
When everyone stops believing , stops predicting a recovery , stops being optimistic
and becomes an hard core pessimist , that'll mark the begining of the next economic boom.
I dont mean a zero/negligible recovery , as is happening now , but a massive boom like the 2003-2007 period , or may be even bigger. And by the time we realize , we'll be right in the middle of one .

Because history has proven time and again that swings of such draconian magnitudes, on either side , be it the in the stock markets or the economy , always happen when least expected !

14 years ago