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Recent posts by Rohit Kharat

Also additional info abt static variables.

there are 4 parts sections in memory
| Stack Area | <-local variables
| Heap Area | <-dynamically allocated stuff
| Data section | <-global/ STATIC data
| Code section |

Data section contains all our commonly shared data. i.e global variables & static variables. So static variables act like global variables.
12 years ago
i would like to share an example form application I am developing.
Here we are using static variables and directly accessing them using class name ClassName.staticVarName

In this case we are using static variables to declare constants.

public class MyConstants{
public static final String ADDRESS = "address";

[note: final variable's value can't be changed once assigned.]

Similarly we will have many other constats we need to use.

You can get the constant value as MyConstants.ADDRESS
12 years ago
Hi John,
I am presently doing a course in Core Java.
I am also working in J2EE.
I have seen that core java technologies are mostly related to J2SE
i.e the standard edition. These are not used very much in web architecture.

Advanced Java basically deals with the web development like servlets, EJB, etc
I am working in J2EE and most of the technologies I am using fall under the Advanced topics.

So my perspective is core Java is more like non-web based applications
and Advanced Java is for web based applications.
12 years ago