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Recent posts by Cory Max

Sorry to revive an old thread but... we are also looking for a solution where we can use a connection pool and oracle label security.

Any takers? We could really use some help.


9 years ago
I followed the Monkhouse book very closely for the RMI/Swing portion and used the DB Access code provided here to get me started on the data layer... What technologies did I use: JSE, Swing, RMI, Random Access File and standard singleton, wait/notify all threading stuff. Again, thanks everyone, couldn't have done it without you.
10 years ago
Just got confirmation this morning. Passed the SCJD. Took a ton of time and wish I could have received a grade instead of just a pass/fail. Owe a ton to you folks, with the db layer tests, ant script for packaging, ant script for confirming requirements, and tons of great advice and help when I needed it most. Thanks again.

10 years ago
I am running a little low on time and am wondering if it is necessary to provide an 'overview.html' document with my submission for the SCJD.

On a side note, this asssignment has been sucking time like crazy. I am generally capable of putting out good code at a good pace but this assignment took me forever + 1 day. How many hours did each of you put into the assignment?

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the answer Paul. That is exactly what I have done... should work well. Just wish there was a way to keep the message more coupled with the index itself.


OK... got it sorted out. I was not setting the constraint of the container (JFrame). I.e. The JFrame was not being shown because its edges were

Thanks again for getting me rolling.

Getting closer all the time...

I'm using 'SpringLayout' as my layout manager for the JPanel. If I comment out the layout setting and control adding... and just do something like this:

It all works good! So to clarify my question...

What would make a JPanel using SpringLayout not render?

I'll keep you posted if I find the solution. Thanks again for leading me in the right direction Roel.

Adding a different jpanel works perfectly. Certainly seems like there is something wrong with my configOptions. Anyone have any thoughts on what could make a JPanel not render?
Hi Roel,

Thanks for the reply. I'd agree that there seems to be something wrong with my ConfigOptions. Weird though that it works well as part of my client config dialog box.

Yes. ConfigOptions a JPanel.

I will try adding another panel that contains other controls... good call.

Will report back later in the day.

Thanks again,

Hi All,

I am in the final stages of completing my assignment (urlybird) and am having a problem with swing that I can not figure out. I am following the patterns set out in the monkhouse/cam book using the common 'ConfigOptions' panel in both the server window and the client config dialog. My client config dialog works well... my server window works well in that it shows the menu, status bar, buttons, etc but not the 'ConfigOptions' panel which contains my file name and port number fields. I.e. everything renders perfectly but my panel is missing completely.

If I put in a button where the configOptions are supposed to go, the button renders perfectly. I am not new to java but very new to swing and have no idea on how to start debugging problems like this. Any ideas on where to start?


Thank you very much for the replies. Very helpful.

Hi All, I'm following the monkhouse/cam book and looking at their RMI implementation example. Why would we declare

then implement that single interface in our DvdDatabaseImpl class

Instead of just

Im sure there is a good reason, just don't know what it is.


Hi Everyone,

We've written a very large app using hibernate. Our database has a ton of unique indexes and constraints. Rather than check that the constraint is satisfied prior to updating the database, I'd like to

1) update the database
2) If a constraint violation happens at the db, catch the constraint violation exception
3) use the constraint name that is returned in the exception to look up an english description of the problem
4) Display that message to the user... such as 'There is already a person record with that firstname/lastname/address'

Hopefully I've explained my problem well. Does anyone know if there is a faclity in oracle to attach a description to the constraints you create. If so we'd likely be able to look up that description from the database based on the constraint name? Is there a better way to do this using hibernate?

Thanks again for all your help.

My only problem with doing that is the boolean flag for deleted. If the file describes itself as having more bytes describing that boolean value, how do I convert it to a boolean?

For now it is easy because I just use the

I also put mine in static file constants. I documented my decision and reasoning in my choices.txt and also validated the file header against my constants as the data class starts up.

Not sure if this is necessary, but figured it was important that if my program assumes a certain data structure and the data structure describes itself, its a good idea to compare them.