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Thanks Mikalai, Bert
16 years ago
I was expecting a higher score when I ended the test, but I guess 79 is ok.

I didn't take a prior appointment with the Test Center and so had to wait in the lobby for about an hour and a half The lady said something about downloading only one set of questions at a time or something.

Finally I was called in and shown to my seat.

The test had 70 questions(one was a dummy question)

The test had about 4-5 questions each on standard actions(<jsp:useBean>,<jsp:getProperty> , using beans/Maps/functions with EL, Design Patterns, Custom Tags and JSTL, Security, Directory structure, Servlet API, Deployment descriptor elements.
There were about 5 drag-drop questions. These don't remember your answers for review later. You will have to answer them all over again.

I used the HFSJ book and scored 60% in the mock exam at the end of the book. I guess the thumb rule of adding about 20% to the HFSJ mock worked in my case. I also did the Review questions at the the end of the SCWCD Study Guide by Hanumant Deshmukh. I didn't use the specs a lot. Some questions on the exam looked familiar while others were not. But I guess it was just like any other Sun exam - a combination of easy and difficult ones in the ratio 80:20

To sum up, I am not too dissapointed with the score given that I had deceided to put in not more than 2 months. I also have a full time job to juggle along with social life

Thats it. Good Luck to those preparing for the exam.
16 years ago

From what I can gather this is a sports question (although

What is being discussed is the final game of the College Football season in the USA, which, this season, will be between the University of Texas (Longhorns) and the University of Southern California(USC Trojans)

"Universal Service Collaborator?"

16 years ago
This is an old Thread
16 years ago
Ok. I managed to download the zip in Netscape. IE didn't work.
Thanks for checking.
Does anyone know where I can find the source code for the examples described in the TIA book? Especially the HangMan example. I tried the Manning site Manning site but it didn't work.
Thanks Radhika. After posting the question, I realized I should have searched the forum before posting. I found a lot of threads with the link.
Can somebody please show me where I can find the errata for the HFSJ book?
TCS has offices all across the US. Recently they stopped giving the Indian Salary for those who were recruited in India and sent to work in the US. If you are recruited from the US I don't think you can expect an Indian Salary, since your offer letter will not have a salary in Rs.
16 years ago
I am using the spindle plugin in eclipse and trying to get started on tapestry with a simple Hello World app. Nothing dynamic, no java yet. The Home.html simply says Hello World! This works fine. But when I change the text to say "Hello Me!", and redeploy in Weblogic, the change just does not get reflected

Any idea what the problem could be?

find: A forest fire
16 years ago my decision to leave England for shores where football would no longer be at the forefront of my mind.

Can't believe a game of football made you take life chnaging decisions.
16 years ago
try this Butit has limitations like can't send/receive attachments.
16 years ago
I know there is no straight way to do this. I am thinking about calling a javascript function on mouseover of one of the options. But I also need the tool-tip text to be dynamic(coming from an existing db query).
Any thoughts?
Interesting. Looks like the main idea here is to present the search results in categories. But does it tell you which are the most relevant results?
16 years ago