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Deborshi Ganguly

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since Jul 29, 2005
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Recent posts by Deborshi Ganguly

Hi guys, I attended an interview at Iflex last week for Business Analyst in Insurance domain. The guy interviewing liked my profile and said that he would call me for the second round.

Now, as i understood from him, Iflex is very new to Insurance, and it doesnt have any produt as such ininsurance , instead it will be more of services to clients already having some insurance projects.

Can anybody in this forum, who is already in Iflex and working in the Insurance vertical/having knowledge, advise me whats the prospects in this segment at Iflex?? How interesting is it?
How good is the company in trying out new verticles in the non-banking finance domain?

One of the reason for me showing interest in Iflex is that i can have an oppurtunity to move from the Insurance domain (which i already know) into banking domain. Hence, how feasible is it in Iflex in giving oppurtunity to change verticals?
Also, is there onsite oppurtunites given to BAs in europe/us/asia?

(a bit about myself, currently working as PL-implementation, total exp 6+ yrs.)

Would appreciate any advice/feedback.
18 years ago