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In short - if you try to extract value from a void return it would give you compilation error !!!
1 year ago
In short the Idea is to have variable having information but no one should directly fetch value from variable or insert it, but instead through calling functions of getters and setters only !!
Hope that helps. This further builds up later in complexity e.g. If the value is null don't return null but some default value this can be done in method only ......
1 year ago
Buddy, all it means is ensure that all you are creating is Java file only not anything else. How do you know ?: the extension of the file should be .java
1 year ago
Agree, Spark is the new technology, the map-reduce days of craze are gone for now !
1 year ago
HBase is built on HDFS so technically over existing Hadoop technologies, Cassandra is not !!
1 year ago
Both the words Hadoop ecosystem and Big data Technologies are quite interlinked and depend on each other for existence !

Theoretically, as you mentioned Hadoop ecosystem is an environment comprising of all technologies used in it, its a package all together like HDFS is way of how file can be stored, different than map-reduce which is how the processing can be done, and hive for query to HDFS and so on......

Big Data technology is anything that can store, retrieve and process volumetric data in speed, so at the moment Hadoop ecosystem is what can do it and thereby two are used interchangeably !  In future you may have some technology not Hadoop ecosystem which can deal with volumes of data then that would come under Big data although not Hadoop !!
1 year ago
I think LocalDateTime use would solve your problem.
2 years ago
I need to change legacy code from java 1.2 to java 1.4
installations of java 1.2 had many .so files which are not present in 1.4 !!
Also the folder of native_threads is no more supported.
How can I find which .so file is used in my code & why?
And what can i do to change my code to new intallation?
15 years ago
Dear friends,
If you have observed during the begining of your exam it is clearly stated that only 69 questions will be taken into account when you are given a score
and that one question will not affect your score.

I had taken Utmost Care to read each and every line and understand, as I was aware of similar incidences. I know there are Practice questions to make you get the feel of exam but this is EXCLUDING them. And it was CLEARLY mentioned on the last screen that exam consists of 70 questions. Even My NIIT Supervisor saw that and was surprise, and I really got 70 questions so Dear friends, It also don't make sense on part of sun to introduce such a condition that any one question won't be evaluated.
And about TAGS I had practise but I really feel some Topics on book should be made more better. There is NO harm in revising the contents once again, it would be of no effect if not of help right? I just want to make this book the best, Simplist, & Perfect, covering every thing that can come.

Dear Friends,
I wish to thank every one of you to comment out
Thanks Chandra for your message.
Thanks Frederic, it was the same disappointment here, and thanks for clarifying me, I meant the same.
Thanks Bhavik, Your message is important to me.
Thanks Sue, What I have personally experienced is When you are done and can do no more, Just boost in the Confidence in yourself that you know everything and can atleast perform the best of yours and would definitely excel, this thinking has brougt a great effect in my results definitely above +5% so that may work for you as well. All the very best.
Thanks Satou, Not sure with your answer, but if it makes you happy, I have acheived the Success, I guess you also answered some of my queries, Thankyou very much all this.
Thanks Vishnu, You are my favorite, I like Your Sarcastic but natural comments, Now abt your answers

* This servlet/jsp book. The book was intended for scwcd 1.4 exam and it covers all the objectives in detail.*

I have just appeared to exam and found a few questions which were a little bit more detail now definitely they are in syllabus as in exam. We are bounded not to put real exam questions here.

*This isn't correct. To be honest with you scwcd 1.4 has more concepts to learn than scbcd 1.3.*

I have no experience of scbcd, but compared to scjp, I believe its true. Friend all things have two sides of coin. Definitely knowing API is very good, you have all the advantages you listed, but dear its not what we expect, nowadays advanced tools can help you a lot with api's and syntax's. I believe its not important what would be the return type of getAttribute, but whats important is you cannot store primitive types in scopes like session! Did you get my point. We can cram and then we tend to forget and reach at same point, what remains is the knowledge of dealing the situations and concepts.
NO matter we do have differences in views at certain points, we both tend to benifit this community, that's why I like you. Thanks Thanks a lot.keep in touch.
Dear Friends,
I can't recall the name, but there is a nobel prize winner who did suffered from GoldFish Syndrome( a problem of swiping off all from memory at periodic intervals), and it took him Years long to invent and get nobel because after every period of time, he had to start frest to his research!
Something similar was my case, it took me 6 long months to appear in the exam. I postponed my schedules two times for exams, within 6 months and lost all the learnings and restarted again, also that I am bad at remembering things and get them swipped off from memory, and also I am lazy to very harder. This exam needs a lot of CRAMMING because its APIs, method calls, return types, and static logics, for most of part.
I read HFS.About the book: Its a really good effort by Kathy,Bert, and one more person. Its extremely good for someone very new to the topics. This book is worth purchase, and will live longer than other comparisions.
Now the other side of book, All the parts related to word "TAG" are confusing. I read this book 3 times to understand them. If any author is here, plz work a little bit more on these parts. Also that the book needs to be made more indepth covering more content, there are various small things that are skipped, and pays price for that. EL needs to be covered with more emphasis. Definitely book corrections are need to be done.( I am open if you need detailed suggestions)
But overall looking as first publish, its doing really good. Good Kathy, and Bert, my personal congratulations.
I secured 52% in HFS Mock test, just the night before. so 52+27 for me.
The Mock tests of Enthuware are worth purchasing, it gives you a lot of practise of questions. BUT I tell you exam is dam easier than any mock exam any on the net. (may be you can share purchase)
I got a lot of questions on relations to "TAG" and that made the tougher part of it. Do practise them very well. SCJP guys, its less of concept here and more of api's.
I did not read any specs, reading 200pages is not a easy job, and at page 10 you start forgetting of page1
EL was the my worst performace, reason they give you multiple answer question for this, i mean choose 4 out of 6, now you are bounded to make mistake in either of 4.
I got 70 questions in all ! Still a surprise for me.
All those who are close to giving exam: Don't panic at whats not done. Just concentrate on what you did. If I can pass with only HFS you can also do it.
I know this would be the longest post ever but I even know this that last day we all go for looking only for such posts, and it would be of tremendous help to you.
I want to thank all of you who helped me in this forum, thanks everone.At one times my questions were even locked by the Manager. , thanks to manager to still allow me be your part.
I think I did well,or not soo bad. I believe in "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE". I want to request everyone who visits this post to revert back to this post with his comments, I will definitely see give you replies. THANKS
Thanks Guys all of you, you are correct. Thanks a lot for correcting me.
I believe you now.
Thanks Guys all of you, you are correct. Thanks a lot for correcting me.
I believe you now.
Hi Friend,
Please help me resolve correct or not:

The servlet container may create multiple instances of the servlet and dispatch each servlet request to a different servlet instance.
J2ee says YES to this.HFS says NO
How can container have many instances?

Also let me know does this Model, makes Instance variables thread safe?
What is difference in Instance and class variables?
And Does this Model effect Final instance variables? ARe they thread safe before and after it???