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I applied a rule of thumb in my submission
When connections to external systems are "managed" by the server i didn't show these external interfaces (case of CMP), but when i got the connections in the code i do (case of BMP/DAO or JMS)


Marie Pierre.
Hi Vinays

A Swing BusinessDelegate may:
-be a singleton (i think should be), i have only one client and one connection to the server!
-no need for a ServiceLocator, the delegate may, at startup or first connection, look up references to remote facade(s) homes and cache them (almost if you have only one facade)
-cache results: think about a composite DTO: list products/products details, system may display a list of products at first request and from the same DTO display details for a selected product, i don't need a second round trip to the server for retrieving products details.


Marie Pierre
Try this link:

I downloaded the Petstore zip file 4.84 MB without any problem..


Marie Pierre

refer to this link:
Design and implementation of Petstore1.3.1
See also chapter 11: Architecture of the Sample Application from "Designing enterprise application with java J2EE 2nd edition"
(free pdf from Sun web site)

If there's no state change no event..)
"jsp--->view helper (custom tags)--->Business delegate--->facade--->business object".

Hope this helps

Marie Pierre
just a typo
[ August 23, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]

I think that View Helper plays also a role in presentation formatting not only in view preparation, it formats and adapts data and may encapsulate presentation logic, think about a well designed custom tag for displaying a master/details table for example, this tag may be reusable across multiple jsp pages, JSTL is another option.
A more sophisticated framework is JSF.
This pattern is a View and Helper as named in Core J2EE patterns.


Marie Pierre
Hi all

An useful link to any IT professional (some broken links)

Marie Pierre
If you want your SFSB ShoppingCartEJB implements local interfaces, you should use a SFSB as Main Controller(it caches references to the ShoppingCartEJB) with remote interfaces and all other EJB have local interfaces, similar to the Petstore strategy, a Handle to this MainControllerEJB is stored in the presentation tier HttpSession or other stuff.
Using A SFSB as EJB controller (only one entry point to the Business tier) for conversational use cases isn't an overhead, it only dispatches requests to specialized SLSB and manages ShoppingCartEJB. May be, performances are better than using many remote SLSB facades.(see Core J2EE patterns)

Marie Pierre
[ August 22, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]

I agree with you but, according to the exam objectives, it seems that the exam first chapter (class diagrams 30%) is based upon chapter 7 of the superstructure.

1.1 Demonstrate the ability to understand the core
modeling concepts of UML. Classes::Kernel
1 Root modeling concepts of UML diagrams (Sec 7.2)
2 Namespaces (Sec 7.3)
3 Multiplicities (Sec 7.4)
4 Expressions (Sec 7.5)
5 Constraints (Sec 7.6)
6 Instances (and Object Diagrams)(Sec 7.7)
7 Classifiers (includes Generalization) (Sec 7.8)
8 Features (Sec 7.9)
9 Operations (Sec 7.10)
10 Classes (Sec 7.11)
11 Data types (Sec 7.12)
12 Packages (and Package Diagrams)(Sec 7.13)

1.2 Verify the understanding of UML modeling
dependency constructs. Classes: Dependencies (Sec. 7.14)
1 Dependency
2 Abstraction
3 Usage
4 Permission
5 Other Dependencies concepts

1.3 Confirm the ability to understand and represent
operations that characterize the behavior of an
element. Classes::Interfaces (Sec. 7.15)
1 Interface
2 Implementation

Do you think that only a conceptual acknolwedge of the metamodel is needed ?


Marie Pierre
[ August 20, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]
I agree with Roberts that Whizlabs is far away from the real exam, i'll recommand reading :
-"Designing enterprise applications with java J2EE 2nd edition Sun" (a pdf free download from Sun web site, it's, as said a rancher: "the Sun Bible for J2EE").
-GoF Design patterns: Elements of reusable object-oriented software


Marie Pierre

I'm also interested by the three OMG UML certications:
Useful links:
These pdf cover exam objectives for the fundamental
Studying UML 2.0 specification is a must. mostly chapter 7 , we should have a good understand of the core modeling concepts of UML 2.0, ie the meta model(Classes::Kernel).


Marie Pierre
[ August 20, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]

An Event Handler is a listener (implements java.awt.event.ActionListener), you register this Event Handler with the Swing components you want to monitor in the initialize method of your Swing application. Each time swing components state change (user clicks a button...), an event is fired. the Event Handler intercepts this event, retrieves the source and execute associated action.
In a web application, user clicks a link..., the webcontroller intercepts the requested URL and execute associated action.
In the web application, there're direct interactions between the system and the customers; in the Swing client application, travel agent act on customers' behalf.

Hope this helps

Marie Pierre
[ August 21, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]

MVC architecture is native in Swing framework, your controller is the Event Handler you implement, it performs actions based on the source of the event.


Marie Pierre

I'll recommand reading IBM redbook SG246573 (free download from ) chapter 6 through 8, these chapters are enough generic to be applied to any J2EE server. It's really excellent, you can find all what you need to configure security in a J2EE system (declarative and programatic security, client side and server side authentication,JAAS, CSIV 2,LTPA, J2EE client and thin java client...).
Best security practices are, really, well commented

Marie Pierre
[ August 19, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]
Hi Tery

I use Enterprise architect from Sparx, it's good, easy to use and fast, generated GIF images are small size:
Class diagram (23 classes): 18 k
Prepare itinerary sequence diagram (the more complex: i used heavily frames and interaction occurrences: UML 2.0) : 101k
Component diagram: 30 components: 47 k
You can download a trial version (30 days) from :


Marie Pierre
[ August 18, 2005: Message edited by: Marie Pierre Courbevoie ]