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I have taken date to write scjp 1.5. Searching thru this forum i learnt tht

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055) (Certification Press Study Guides) (Paperback)
by Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates

is a good book.I want to purchse K&B from amazon..I was going thru the table of contents link to see if all the topics are covered,but when i click on the link it takes me to (cx-310-035) book..Can any one pls provide me a link to verify the contents of the book before i proceed to purchase..Iam using this link

And one this book (K&B)is the best choice for SCJP 1.5? or there are any other good books ?

I want to write SCJA...My dbt is if i pass SCJA, then for writing SCWCD is it still required tht I need to pass SCJP?wont SCJA be enough?

I want to write SCJA...My dbt is if i pass SCJA, then for writing SCWCD is it still required tht I need to pass SCJP?wont SCJA be enough?

14 years ago
u shuld associate the two classes using <one-to-many > or<many-to-many> in hbm file
Did u solve this problem...I also want to join on specific keys,instead hibernate joins on only primary keys..
I need help...I have a problem like I have 2 unrelated tables...
I associated them using <one -to many>..The main issue is I need to join them on Keys which r not primary or foreign keys...
The tables r not related and there r no common keys..

I specified in hbm file:
<many-to-one property-ref="mykey"/>

Though I specified the key on which to do join using
" property-ref", Hibernate is joining on primary keys of the associated class..How to tell hibernate to do join on my specific keys..
There r no fields commonn to both tables...
Any idea how to do this wuld be grt help..
I took tests in n from javaranch mock exam list..
Mock exam in HFSJ is good...Just study HFSJ atleast twice..thts the basic requirement to pass thru the exam..

All the best
took exam last weekend n passed with 91%..Feeling happy n relaxed now..
Thnx to HFSJ authors for a grt book n to this website for providing useful info..

All the best to evryone who is appearing for the exam..


Iam not able to understand the real meaning of getResource() n getResourceAsStream()methods in ServletContext.

In the api its given ServletContext.getResource()):

The resource content is returned directly, so be aware that requesting a .jsp page returns the JSP source code. Use a RequestDispatcher instead to include results of an execution.
This method allows the servlet container to make a resource available to servlets from any source. Resources can be located on a local or remote file system, in a database, or in a .war file.

In HFSJ its given tht these methods may not be used to access resources in jar files instead v shuld use classloader's getResource() n getResourceAsStream()methods .

But in the api spec its given :Resources can be located in a .war file.

Can anyone pls expalin me the main purpose of these methods n distiction b/w classloaders methods..
I have a dbt in
1.include directive and
2.<jsp:inlcde> .
i read tht for 1. it is included at translation time n 2. is included at request time(run time)....
But both r compiled n executed at request time..So where does the basic difference for o/p comes in to picture...
Its given tht after the main jsp in which the file is included is translated n then if any changes r made to the included files,
with <jsp:inlcde> the changes r reflected but with include directive the changes r not reflected..I tried but the changes r reflected in both cases...
So whts the diff b/w the two with rgd to o/p apart frm performance issues..
Anyone pls expain..
I am learning EL n have some basic dbts..

List list=new ArrayList();

Map tmap=new TreeMap();
tmap.put(new Integer(1) ,"map1");
tmap.put(new Integer(2),"map2");


request.setAttribute("va",new Integer(1));

list : ${li[va]}<br> //line 1
map : ${tma[va]}<br> //line 2

My dbout is, in line 1 the attribute "va" shuld be evaluated to a primitive value (index of list) n in line 2 the same attribute "va" shuld be evaluated to an Integr object (treemaps expect comparable objects as keys)..So I dont understand how these attributes to object mappings (attribute "va"->Integer Object (1)) are evaluated in EL .
Can anyone pls clear my dbt..
I have dbt in action tags..I have an html whose parameter values iam setting in jave bean in a servlet code.Iam retrieving the bean values again
in a jsp..
<form action="PersonServleturi" method="post">
<b>Enter ur name : <input type="text" name="name" /><br>
<b>Enter ur city : <input type="text" name="city" /><br>
<input type="submit" />
public class PersonServlet extends HttpServlet
public void service(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse res)
String nameVal =req.getParameter("name");
String cityVal =req.getParameter("city");
PersonBean per=new PersonBean();
req.setAttribute("myper",per); //line1
RequestDispatcher rd=req.getRequestDispatcher("myUseBean.jsp");


<%@page import="java.util.*,myuseBean.*" %>

<jsp:useBean id="myper" class="myuseBean.PersonBean" scope="session"/> <b>Ur name is: :
<jsp:getProperty name="myper" property="name"/>
<br>Ur city is :
<jsp:getProperty name="myper" property="city"/>
In line 1 above iam storing the attribute "myper" in request scope..
In line 2 iam trying to retrive the value of same bean object "myper" from a session scope..I thought <jsp:getProperty >on this object shuld return null.But its returning the values of the object tht I stored in line 1..why is it so?Can anyone pls explain this?

Just for info Iam using tomcat-5.0.30
Iam trying to disbale scripting with


1.Iam not having any translation time err if i use scripting elements in my jsp?.
2.for pageEncoding i read tht if v give different pageEncodings in
<jsp-property-group> and
in my jsp page <%@ page pageEncoding %> ,
It will give error ,But iam not having any error..
Can any one pls explain ..
Thnx for ur reply.The url tht i refreshed or pressed enter is the below one.This url is for the first servlet which comes after submitting form..


When i refresh ,the same color is getting displayed.I have put some debug
system.out.println(),which r displayed in tomcat console..when i refresh,
the debug stmt from DemoServlet1 & DemoServlet2 r dispalyed.So,
when refreshed DemoServlet1.doPost()->DemoServlet2.doPost(). r invoked in this order.
I dont know why the doPost() is invoked n why the same color is dispalyed..