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Sorry I forgot to add that to my list of attempts, but I have tried java HelloWorld
12 years ago

I am trying to run a java program on the UNIX shell of our Z/OS mainframe box and I am having trouble with my classpath.

I am running the java HelloWorld command within the directory that the class file is and I am getting an error message saying that it cannot find class HelloWorld. I have tried the java command with the following variations.
java �classpath . HelloWorld
java �classpath �.� HelloWorld
java �classpath /u/yzilg1 HelloWorld (/u/yzilg1) is the directory HelloWorld is in
java �classpath �/u/yzilg1� HelloWorld
java �classpath u/yzilg1 HelloWorld
java �classpath �u/yzilg1� HelloWorld

I have also set the CLASSPATH in my .profile file to /u/yzilg1 and when I type echo �CLASSPATH it does show the one I put in my .profile. None of these work.

However when I tried java �debug HelloWorld without any classpath details the program runs and displays the message on the screen.

It is the same for jar files that I have copied across from my PC. They only run when �debug is added to the java command.

Why would �debug make the programs run and how can I make it work without it?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

[ August 05, 2005: Message edited by: Sarah Barnes ]
12 years ago