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Recent posts by Jeremy Flowers

Bear Bibeault wrote:HItting the servlet with a request does not "reload" the servlet. You are confusing reloading with returning a response,

Was that meant for Karan? :-)
10 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:

Jeremy Flowers wrote:I figured the outdated article if it was still around somewhere would give me enough information to understand how you'd implement loading a servlet repeatedly using a classloader, which I guess is the real "nut I'm trying to crack"!

Okay... but I'm still curious about why you are trying to crack that nut in the first place.

Curiousity. :-) Classloaders in general are a weak spot for me. A use case giving a reason why you'd loading a servlet repeatedly with a classloader would also help.
10 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:I have no idea why client-side technologies like AJAX would have anything at all to do with hot deployment of servlets, which is entirely a server-side requirement. But perhaps Karan will enlighten us eventually.

In the meantime, I have to ask why you are so interested in this? That book was written back in the dark ages -- the page you linked to is dated March 2001, ten years ago -- which is why you can't find the other pages you were looking for. A lot of servlet containers these days have addressed that problem since that time and support hot-deployment via a configuration option. Or were you considering writing your own servlet container?

I figured the outdated article if it was still around somewhere would give me enough information to understand how you'd implement loading a servlet repeatedly using a classloader, which I guess is the real "nut I'm trying to crack"!
10 years ago
If you've got any links that you think would be worth sharing, that would be cool too. Thanks.
10 years ago

karan khosla wrote:Well Sir you have to first clear me that are you using ajax or jquery in your application? If not than i guess it's a bit long path.

No Ajax/JQuery. Plain old Java only (Servlets forum). :-)
10 years ago

karan khosla wrote:Are you using ajax or jquery in your application or rather the page for which you want to reload the servlet everytime. If yes than it's quite possible to achieve without this classloading stuff.

Hope this Helps!

Hi Karan.
No this was something I saw in a Java interview question and was curious to know how to do this. It's something I've never come across before.
10 years ago
I was reading this section on 'Servlet Reloading' of Jason Hunters Java Servlet Programming.
Then I went in search of an example.
I read in Core Java II Advanced Features Vol II 7th ed.

On P696 it mentions using classloaders to facilitate such things as hot deployment of servlets and EJBs.
It makes references to this broken link:
I'm wondering if anyone knows what's become of this document?
(I couldn't see it on the Waybackmachine either.
Does anyone have a link that:
1) Shows a custom class loader to load servlets repeatedly?
2) A new link for the broken one?
10 years ago
I think the Vaadin quote may have been a red herring. I think that Google result may have been for the Vaadin support forum itself :-)
Now that is back online, my memory about Vaadin came back to me. It's an Ext-JS/Flex style competitor with portlet support, with similarities to GWT being Java based.
They've actually got a pretty excellent free PDF book.
11 years ago
Hey Dave.
You mentioned you might have a Grails Forum plug-in. The site appears dead right now, so can't check to see if you uploaded a version. Googling also mentions a Vaadin plug-in. Was wondering what state of play is.
Also enjoyed your listener feedback on latest Grails podcast
PS: You may like this upcoming event. Podcast usually follows, so you can watch from across the pond.
11 years ago
Hi Dave.
Hibernate OSIV / Struts 2 interceptor errors...
I think this is probably a thread you'll remember, since I see you responded over on Nabble and was wondering if it the book covers some of the issues being discussed in these related threads. I found it difficult to visualise some of the stuff being discussed without having an example to work from...

Struts 2: Is Model Driven fundamentally flawed in most uses?

You commented here:

Also related:

Regards, Jeremy
12 years ago

Originally posted by sarah Marsh:
Hi Yuriy,

I open it through file system in Eclipse. Actually, I try the create a html file, when I save it, I got the error.

If I add "",

"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "" >

I got different error:
The declaration for the entity "HTML.Version" must end with '>'.

Check out my post over here with monikor JGF.
13 years ago