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since Aug 06, 2005
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Recent posts by Micky Jee

Thanks all... This forum has been awesome! I cleared the SCJP exam with 83% today (although I feel I could have done much better). Cant complain, though. K&B book is awesome; dont need to do too many things -- just make sure you read the book a couple of times, review the 2-minute-drill items at least 5 times and make sure you understand the questions at the end of the book and that you are comfortable with them.

All the best!
Hope you all write efficient code!
Can not believe it took me almost 4 months! I could have taken the SCJP exam a couple of months ago. I was unnecessarily delaying it mostly due to fear of losing $200.
Next up is SCWCD... I hope this will be quicker..

Thanks to all for their tips and suggestions.
16 years ago
Thanks, Ian!

I was getting stressed out by looking at other sources... the more you look, the more confused you get.

I think I am fairly confident of the level of questions on K&B; will take Whizlabs today and see where I stand and then take the test on Friday.

Thanks for the helpful suggestion; JavaRanch rocks!
Hello Java Gurus:

I am planning to take SCJP this week; can anyone comment on the level of questions on the exam compared to the ones at the end of chapters on K&B? Is the exam tougher/similar/easier?