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Norm Radder

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since Aug 10, 2005
Worked mostly with IBM mainframe assembly code. Loved IBM's VM OS.
Eastern Florida
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Recent posts by Norm Radder

It deletes the numbers you typed in, but doesn't delete the last one (when the while criteria wasn't satisfied). Why does it ask for one more input? 

It's time to play computer with your program using paper and pencil.  Pretend to enter the required numbers one at a time.  Step through the statements one by one and record on the paper the results of each statement.  Doing that will show you where the problem is.
3 weeks ago
Is the program's output correct?  If not post the output and add some comments saying what is wrong with it and show the desired output.
3 weeks ago
Please copy the program's output that shows what you are talking about.  A couple of examples would be good.
Add some comments where the program is not doing what you want.

When posting code, please don't break it up into sections.  Post the whole program in one section.

What does this comment mean:
Why is 1 being added to numOfDel?
3 weeks ago
Be sure to wrap all posted code in code tags to make it more readable.

Can you copy the program's print out and paste it here so we can see what happens when you execute the program?
Add some comments where you feel the program is doing the wrong thing.
3 weeks ago

  doesnt respond to anything

IS the program stuck in an infinite loop?  Look at the while loops to see if any of them are stuck.  Add a print statement inside of all the loops that will show you which loop is stuck.
4 weeks ago

  help me correct the errors ?

Please copy the full text of the error message and paste it here.
4 weeks ago
See the Math class for a method to raise a value to a power.
1 month ago

Is this logic right ? 

It could be.
Can you write a small program, compile it and execute it to see if it gives the desired results.

Be sure to wrap any posted codes in code tags to preserve its formatting:  Select the posted code and press the Code button above the input box.
1 month ago
Given an int value like 1234, a single digit can be extracted with the modulus operator: 1234 % 10 gives 4
The next digit can be position for extraction by dividing the value by 10:  1234 / 10 = 123
Using the modulus operator on the new value can extract the next digit: 123  % 10 gives 3
Putting the above steps in a loop can extract all 4 digits.  Iterate the loop until the results of the divide is less than 10
The values of the extracted digits can be examined in an if statement
Using a counter to count the number of digits with the desired value would tell you how many of the desired digits were in the original value.
1 month ago
If you must work with int values, the divideby operator / and the modulus operator % can be used to extract digits from the int value. 
Use those two operators inside a loop to extract the digits one by one and have an if test to count the number of desired digits.
1 month ago

a Super Six number (Number having more than one six in it). 

Can the number be converted to a String?  There are several methods in the String class that can be used to look at the contents of a String.
1 month ago

can you solve some of these questions ?

Sorry, we do not do student's work.  We will help you if you have questions about a project you are working on. 
Post any specific java programming questions here and some one will try to help.

  I have not started with these questions

No problem.  We will wait until you get a chance to work on the questions.
1 month ago
Define an instance of the button class.
Add that instance to a container that is shown in the window.
Add a listener to the button.

See the tutorial:
1 month ago
Please post what you have tried.  Be sure to include any documentation about what the program is supposed to do.
Ask some questions about the problems you are having.
1 month ago
Can you post the print out from the program that shows what you are asking about? Add some comments to the print out explaining where the problem is shown and explain what the expected output should be.
1 month ago