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since Aug 10, 2005
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Worked mostly with IBM mainframe assembly code. Loved IBM's VM OS.
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Recent posts by Norm Radder

I have questions about how you could get the javac command to work but not the jar command.  They should be in the same folder and that folder should be on the PATH.  You said that javac worked. Can you look in the bin folder that is on the PATH and see if both javac.exe and jar.exe are in the folder?
8 months ago
The OP said:

javac commands work perfectly fine

That would imply the PATH was set to the bin with the javac command.  Why isn't the jar command also found there?
8 months ago

'jar' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

The path to the bin folder that contains the jar command needs to be in the PATH environment variable to allow the OS to find the command.
Check that folder to make sure there is a jar.exe file there.
If javac works, where is the javac.exe file?  Is there a jar.exe file in the same folder?

Alternately you can specify the full path to the command on the command prompt window.  For example:

D:\Java\jdk-17\bin\jar.exe   ...

8 months ago

 So each weird char, like the club or diamond, matches up to an int somehow?

Everything stored in a computer's memory is contained in a byte (8 bits).  How those bytes are represented on the screen depends on the software presenting them.
8 months ago

Is there an encode/decode needed to get this to a "usable" string

Try this:
8 months ago
Can you copy the full text of the error message and post it here?
Also post the code where the error happens.
9 months ago
Very nice.
Should line 14 be:
9 months ago
Did you try entering a name in the Name: field?
9 months ago

Having a variable with the exact name as a class is a problem when trying to read and understand code.
Class names should begin with an uppercase letter.
9 months ago
Thanks.  So the javac command is redundant now.
9 months ago

java  How does this work?

This should not have worked.  The java command wants the name of the class, not the name of the source file:
java passing_params How does this work?
9 months ago

/Java cannot find symbol

The compiler can not find something that you entered.  It is probably a misspelling.  Check the spelling on that statement
9 months ago

I still have the other errors.

If you need help with them,  Copy the full text of the error messages and paste it here.
9 months ago
Did you miss this:

Does your IDE high-light or color the source code?  Look at the above code that is formatted. Compare the coloring of lines 20 and 24.  Notice some is blue and some is black.  Blue is for java keywords.  Black is just text.

Look at the line of code you just entered.  What color is Public?  
9 months ago