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Recent posts by Norm Radder

If the variable on line 22 is used for something else, it should have a different name.
9 hours ago
Why does line 22 create a new variable with the name of an existing variable?
9 hours ago
The value of null in a reference variable means it does not hold the address of an object.
A String object can exist and hold an empty String ("")
The variable that references a String object (even one with no data) does not have a null value.

What is the definition of isEmpty? 
12 hours ago
How are you trying to debug the problem?
I use print statements to show the execution flow and the values of variables as the code executes.  The print out can be seen in the logcat.
15 hours ago
Some how all the comments have been stripped from the posted code making it harder to understand.
The version of NanoHTTPD that I have has lots of comments that describe what it is doing.

Can you post the code with comments?

What does the ServerStarter class do?  You missed posting its code.

You're assuming that cipherComboBox.getSelectedIndex() will be either zero or one.

Add a default: case that prints a message showing the value returned so you can see.
1 day ago
The API doc says:

Corresponding to each Timer object is a single background thread that is used to execute all of the timer's tasks

That would say that there would never be two thread tasks executing at the same time with one Timer object.  The tasks would run serially.

Try writing a small test program using sleep() to hold up execution and with delays/periods less than the sleep time.
1 day ago
A simple way would be to get the keyset and use it in a loop to get and compare each value to find the desired value.
1 day ago
Glad your question has been answered.
1 day ago
I found some parts of it here:

I suspect the OP did the same as I did and wrapped his own controlling code around the code from github.

when I inspect in my eclipse

Are you saying the data is ok and correct when the program is executing,
but you are having problems with a debugger trying to look at the data?
2 days ago

There is nothing that touches the data

Where is the data being contained? Is it all in one String or in multiple places?

Can you document where the data is being lost?
For example print the length of the data when first acquired.
Then print its length as it is passed.
and again print its length when it is received.

The print out should show what you are talking about if the starting length is greater than the length at the end.
2 days ago

the chunk of data missing is from the middle

A String object is immutable.  If it contains data, that data can not be changed. 
Is the String being broken into pieces and reassembled (but leaving something out)?

Please wrap all posted code in code tags.  Select the code and Use the Code button above the input box.
2 days ago

only difference being the combobox name  and the data from msql

Those are the two items that would be passed to the method.
The value of the index when a match is found would be returned.
2 days ago