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since Aug 10, 2005
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Worked mostly with IBM mainframe assembly code. Loved IBM's VM OS.
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Recent posts by Norm Radder

I think the -cp option was having java look in the wrong place.  
Change to the classes folder and enter this command:

The package name gives the java command the path to where the class file is.
Using -cp "com/mycompany/helloworld" com/mycompany/helloworld/HelloWorld
has java looking in the helloworld folder for the package/path ie  com/mycompany/helloworld/HelloWorld

1 week ago
What are the steps the program needs to take to get that output?
What have you tried?
1 week ago

Ok I sorted part of the erros, being the unstisfied link,

Can you explain what you did to fix that problem?
2 weeks ago
The variable: number needs to be declared at the class level, not as a local variable to a method.
3 weeks ago

I think I've done that...

I missed where you discussed that.
Are there dll files for the package?  What folder are they located in?  Is that folder on the PATH or the current directory?
3 weeks ago

The OpenCV native library files (e.g. opencv_javaXXX.dll, are not in the PATH.
Make sure the native library (dll or so) is in your PATH or in the working directory of your program

Have you checked that any dll are in the correct locations?
3 weeks ago
Were the values in currSum what you expected when you printed it?
The first code does not change it, the second code does.
3 weeks ago
Try debugging the code by adding some print statements that print out the values of the variables before and after the statement where you think the problem is.
Look at the value of currSum as the code executes.
3 weeks ago

Javac -version is giving me a "positive answer" -> javac  17.0.5

If the OS is finding the javac.exe file and the jar.exe file is in the same folder as the javac.exe file, then the OS should find the jar.exe file.
4 weeks ago

 I do have the jar.exe

Is the folder holding that file on the Path variable so that the OS can find it?
4 weeks ago

Error: 'jar-' is not recognized as an internal or external command

It looks like you forgot to have a space between jar and the -.
Try it with a space after jar before the -
4 weeks ago
The posted code will not compile without errors because of missing }
The compiler errors need to be fixed before the code will execute properly.
3 months ago
This program design has always confused me.  Should anyone outside of the class receiving the contents of the record read from the file know the contents of the record?  In other words, should the line that was read from the file be passed directly to the class's constructor and have the constructor do the parsing.  That would allow the class to create records to be written to a file since it knows the contents and would allow changes to be made in the record layout without affecting any exterior code.
3 months ago

the components are not updating

Is there code that calls the correct set... method?  Or are there missing assignment statements?
Or is the correct code not being executed?
Can you post a small, complete program that shows what you are trying to do?
Perhaps your existing code only needs some small changes to make it work.  It is hard to say without seeing the code.
4 months ago
Please post a small, complete program that will compile without errors and execute to show the problems.
The posted code is not complete and will not compile without errors.
4 months ago