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If I want to permanently set a system property such as "jdbc.drivers" under JDK 1.3 instead of at the command line each time under Windows NT/2000, where would I go about doing this? I've tried the permutations I can thing of to no avail.
21 years ago
No I didn't try that because I am a Windos(e) idiot...I literally bought a (cheap) machine this weekend because I got tired of waiting for MacOS X to come out and I really don't have a good Mac to run it on anyway and I need to do Java 2 I sold my soul (rented is more like it) to the Dark Lord for a while.
Thank you very much for your appears to have worked.
BTW, if anyone else wants to won't find a "sun.boot.class.path" or similar variable in the registry. You have to go through for each JavaSoft software component and change (1) where "JavaHome" is and (2) where the "RuntimeLib" is. After that, it appears to work we'll see if it it can find stuff in the ext folder...hahaha.
Thanks again.
21 years ago
I finally broked down (mostly because of being broke) and bought one of these here Wintel machines (HP Pavilion).
I downloaded and installed the Sun JDK 1.3 into c:\java\jdk1_3 and have added the appropriate PATH statement to I can java and javac from anywhere.
The problem is that there was, unbeknownst to me, a copy of the JRE 1.3 already installed in c:\program files\javasoft\jdk1.3\jre and because of the Java 2 class look up specification, I am having all kinds of troubles:
PATH points to the tools in c:\java\jdk1_3\bin
sun.boot.class.path points to the c:\program files\javasoft\jdk1.3\jre
Although Sun in discouraging use of the CLASSPATH variable in favor of the -classpath switch (ha, like that will ever catch on), many of the utilities and programs that I run still depend on CLASSPATH being there and set to certain values. So far the only approach that has worked is a CLASSPATH setting the completely ignores the existence of sun.boot.class.path.
1) How do I change the value of sun.boot.class.path? The Sun site mentioned something about registry in c:\windows\system but nothing looked familiar.
2) Can I just copy the fuller JRE from the JDK 1.3 over the small JRE 1.3 in the other directory and then set the CLASSPATH to cover the tools.jar and others?
3) Can I uninstall the c:\program files\javasoft\jre and have the other JRE decide that sun.boot.class.path must be somewhere else (ie, c:\java\jdk1_3\jre)?
Mysteries abound; help would be appreciated.
21 years ago
Here is the starting URL for the Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.0; you need only register as a WAP developer to download (at least that is what it says...).
It's PC only so it looks like I'll have to borrow one of those you guys really get any work done on those things?
I imagine the rest can be found using "WAP Servlet Java" or some combination thereof in the search engine of your choice.
"Learn XML in 11.5 minutes" is at the following URL:
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21 years ago
Dear Ben and Tony,
Thanks for your advice. I've gotten quite a bit lately and I'm thankful to all the helpful parties.
BTW, the IT Career Expo mentioned in my other post, if nothing else, was a nice source of new pens, mousepads and a laserball. (Seriously, I made a lot of nice contacts, we'll see what happens).
21 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions.
I hadn't thought about the Developer exam that way although I had thought about taking it as the next logical step.
I am going to remove my phone number from my Monster resume right after I'm done with this.
I've been reading up on Servlets, JDBC, JSP, (it's hardly rocket science--unless you get employed by Honeywell, then I guess it kind of is ).
Thanks again.
21 years ago
<ramble>In related news (sorry, it's 2:33a here in DC and I'm getting a little punchy)...
I posted a resume on and have had 330 "look-sees" and about 10 recruiter calls.
The response on SCJP varies: one woman said it was great that it was very hard to do and they were rare. Others have said, that's great but what hands-on ("paid") experience do you have...which is basically none.
(Someone please send me specs for an applet to code so I can say I have hands on experience). This is obviously a realistic request in some cases (although I put in my resume that I didn't have any experience and that I was in the process of a career I don't know why they're calling me to begin with).
Obviously, no one could get experience if someone wasn't interested in hiring the inexperienced or even unexperienced so I'm just going a long and trying to write some code every day and still keep my consultancy up and running and paying the bills...although that can't last forever because I can't take a job if I have clients but if I don't have a job offer, I can't stop taking clients.</ramble>
<rant>The question I have is does anyone know who is making this position descriptions and employment decisions? They are asking for junior positions with 1-2 years of experience in a programming language that is only 5 years old and maybe only 3 years in the mainstream. Some of the APIs are barely 1-2 years old. I doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.</rant>
OK, I feel better now. Well, I'd feel much better if someone would offer me a job.
21 years ago
"IT Career Fairs where 1,000s of companies come ready with 100's of job opportunities"
Well, it's free anyway...has anyone had any luck at these career fair things? What should one do or not do? Wallpaper the place with resumes?
It's all kind of funny...I never had to go through this before I decided to change careers...I always got my jobs the old fashioned way (no, not like that), I knew somebody. Now I have no idea what to do because I have no network to work.
SCJP2 but still unemployed
21 years ago
I really recommend Exam Cram because of the review questions plus the mock exam included in the book and he fits a lot of stuff in a small space. But the author would be the first to admit that it is supposed to fill gaps, not chasms.
I really, really like Khalid but it is a bit overwhelming for the amount of time I had alotted for studying for the exam. I was pretty much well exam focused. If you have little programming experience, then take the time and go through Khalid bit by bit. If you don't have so much time, it's good for a reference.
...and now there are probably too many!
Anyway, many thanks to JavaRanch and everyone where especially Jim who put up with my pedantry...
I passed today with 92% overall....we won't get into the specific areas that were significantly lower... I finished and reviewed in an 1 hour. Like another ranchhand here, I agree that some of the questions were ambiguous to me at least; I don't know who these language experts were but I think Sun should get their money back...of course, I guess it could have been worse.
At JavaRanch, (1) Rules Roundup gave me confidence on language fundamentals and helped me to procede to mock exams. The ones I found the most helpful were the ones included with the books.
I used RHE, Exam Cram (thanks Bill!), and Mughal & Rasmussen ("Khalid") all to varying degrees...mostly Exam Cram except for in-depth coverage of topics I was weak on (which Exam Cram is supposed to show you).
however beware that there are wrong answers (and no e-mail for errata) and it is 172 questions with a ticking clock. My final score there was 93...coincidence?
(2) Helping others was the other big help because it made me look up things I didn't know.
I'm off for a month long retreat (right now--how's that for a tight schedule?) but I'll come back to visit in mid-August...I've got to learn to actually develop stuff, now.
Completely off topic, -shaped fireworks in Washington DC last night. They were really "Peace Signs." How do they get the little bits of fire to go where they're supposed to?
Thanks again,
Steve Butcher
I just get nitpicky as my stress level rises...some of the mock exam questions (not yours actually) are so convoluted I almost wish it were two or three pieces of code, a compiler without messages and say 3-4 hours to debug the code...essentially a computer programming essay.
Anyway, your book is great and we'll see if I did it justice on Wednesday...if not, I'll just get back on the horse.
Thanks Jim,
I makes sense.
I've seen so many spurious semi-colons, unreachable code, strange casts and incredibly complex contorted attempts to see if you understand a concept completely unrelated to the code that I'm starting to get paranoid.
...but then I always panic before a test (I'm taking It on Wednesday).
One is tricky; the other is a stupid programmer trick.
(b) Although the Whiffler class has a start method, it is the Thread's start method that needs to be called to start the thread (put it into the ready state).
The constructor is fine but you need a line following it like:
(d) The while loop's conditional statement is filled with a boolean will never be not true (false) and therefore exit the loop and execute the line "System.out.println("Exiting run");" (it's an endless loop).
Actually the code won't compile without error because the compiler is smart enough to know that the statement is unreachable...but that is beside the point...the question says "assume it compiles without error."
I personally don't think it's fair to say "assume" the code compiles without error when in fact it won't and then ask a question about the assumed away compile-time error.
Here's an example:

Best regards,
Steve Butcher
[Moderators...this should thread should probably be in a different folder?]
This isn't how you associate a Frame object with an Applet.
I think you might benefit from reading a code "cookbook" for some of the techniques on these things or looking at the code examples on the Java Tutorial at Sun's site. or some other book.
That being said, the code can be "fixed" with:
0. take out the line "add(f);"
1. Change line "Frame f = new Frame( "FRAME" );" to "f = new Frame( "FRAME");"
2. Put "Frame f;" outside of the Applet's init() method.
3. Add "fg.setVisible(true);" after the line "FileDialog fg = new FileDialog(f,"this is to select",FileDialog.SAVE);"
This will make everything display...but that's about all.
The frame will display first, then the file dialog which you will have to dismiss, and then the applet.
I answered your question but I think you need to dig a little deeper to find out why you wouldn't necessarily want to take this approach in working code.
Best regards,
Steve Butcher
I'm sure this is somewhere but I cant' find it...
in Khalid's mock exam #29, one of the statements purported to be valid for a member variable is that:

The value of all object variables will be null.

Now I can see this as either a trick question because all object references are null and there are no "object variables" or a straight forward question because there are no object variables so object variables are object references.
Which is most likely correct interpretation in terms of the Exam?
Best regards,
Steve Butcher