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Recent posts by Siddhartha Sharma

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
Please see the warning regarding your display name here.

Please note that we require a first name and last name and fictitious names are not allowed. Also, accounts with invalid display names get deleted.


Don't have a Second name or a last name ..not even in my Official docs..I have only one name and that is my first name "Siddhartha"
15 years ago
2) 50% of their(TCS) employees are at onsite..

Please check up your facts..

One of my friends- he was in UK 2 years, Swiss for 1 yr,then US for 3 yrs, and now he is Australia for the last 1 year. Overall, he worked only 9 months in Offshore.. And all these years- he had 1month vacation every year, everythng by TCS. who will get it ?

the situation today is changed are talking about ppl who joined beefore 2001 and stuff and in any case its an exception

4) And nothing wrong working in Support projects.. Aprt from the work, you get a chance to improve communication skills as you interact with end users as well as tech leads, architects, while working on a problems.. Its defintely good learning experience. Its not just stop and start the server.. And with support projects, there is a guarantee money for organizations.. As long as comapny exists, the supoprt team is required.. no matter how stable appclitons are.. And I think, TCS is really good at this.. It involes a lot of things- support infrastructure, good resources, onsite-offshore resource management,

Nothing wrong..but you dont move up the value chain with support projects...ya company profitablity increase..employee satisafaction decrease..attrition increase..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Anjali S Sharma:

2.4Lacs pa for 1 year exp. is a very good salary. I'd suggest don't change jobs frequently to get more salary just because someone somewhere is earning more. If you are getting good work here then 2.4L is a very good salary for 1 year exp.

i differ, 2.4 lacs pa is not a good salary for 1 year experience..even infy pays 2.7lac for its worst performers and 2.94 lac for its good performers
15 years ago
Generally companies like Infy,wipro, tcs( may be of late HCL) which hire in mass , dont give internet connection..

In infy, i-net connection for depends on ur project needs and how good you are at convincing ur project manager that u need internet ..
15 years ago
Happent to have

1>an offer from Sapient 4 lac(including bonus ) + 50 k relocn

2>Qwest Software Services (4.5 lac + bonus about 45 k), a fully owned subsidiary of qwest communications USA (49 bn $ ). Of a total strnength of about 170 , 75 odd IITians

Ranchers , any advice..

me totally confused ...have time till tomorrow noon to decide
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Anjali:

Thanks a lot.
In todays market anyone can get a job in a branded company. But I want to make sure that I land up in good company, doing good work so that when the market is not as good as it is now, I may still be in a position to find a decent job. So work is a major concern for me. Not thinking too much about salary.

[ August 17, 2005: Message edited by: Sharma Anjali ]

In todays market anyone can get a job in a branded company
Not everyone unless they are good !!!
In trying to be modest , don't undermine urself

There are people from NIT's and other premier institues who have worked with companies like Infy ,TCS and yet not managed another MNC job coz they lack wat MNC's call Business Skills.

So work is a major concern for me. Not thinking too much about salary.
What work u get at any company is pur luck depending on business requirement ..the project may be great,domain may be even beeter but your work may be not be so ..So leave that thing to fate..

Salary is definitely not everything..but its one of the important things..ulimately thats y all of us take up jobs ..else i wud still play cricket and sleep

All in all, All the BEST for whatever be ur decision...
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Anjali:
Got an offer from HCL(ECMP division Gurgaon) and IBM Global services(Gurgaon). IBM is paying similar to HCL and has a better brand name. In HCL most probably I'll be working on FileNet (may be Documentum), so the content management domain looks good to me. In IBM no clue what I'll get. But I have heard they have some maintenence work in Gurgaon.
What do ranchers recommend IBM or HCL?

Thanks again

[ August 16, 2005: Message edited by: Sharma Anjali ]

In terms of Brand : IBM ->Sapient -> HCL
In terms of Money : whichever pay closer to 3.8 - 4 lac
15 years ago

Originally posted by nithin nambiar:
thatz true.
you dont generally get onsite opportunites within a yr of joining ,unless there is really some urgent requirement. in these cases they send u on a business visa.
onsite opprts depends on the kind of project you are working on and also a bit of luck is required. there are lot of people who have got arnd 3 opprtns in a year and also some people who havent got any in 3 years.
there are good number of IIM-A and IIT graduate's working there ,so you will learn a lot interacting with suites people who are very young and unmarried who doesn't have to think annything aprt from work.
also pace of work is very hectic and lot of people find themselves lost.

hope this will help u eliminate ur confusion .

From what I have heard about sapient in this BB, i think i want to join Sapient.

I suppose just like ONSITE , work life balance will again be on how lucky / unlucky you are ..dependign on your project you get allocated to.

Actually i happen to have an offer from Oracle Hydbad, Tavant Tech Bangaloare and Sapient Bangalore

Even at Infy(a so called human company) in my particular project, i have come to office every single day for 4 months at a stretch one and for 2 months at stretch at one another time .Every day was about 16 hours long..

and all this in one year ...
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Anjali:

Thanks for your input.
As far as I know they don't send a person onsite before 1 year. Earlier the the min time one needed to stay in the company before one became eligible to go onsite was 6 months but recently they changed the peroid to 1 year.

May be Mr. Nithin Nambiar could throw more light on ONSITE pportunities(as i gather he has been working with sapient for two years )
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Anjali:

still confused
Actually I have not been able to find any information about ECMP(Enterprise Content Management and Potals) group in HCL where I'll be posted. Once I get some information about this group I'll be able to decide something.


I work with infosys Techn and here is my take :

In my opinion, you should join Sapient if salary you are getting is good.

Reason 1 : as far as i have heard, they take up high end work

Reason 2 : See work life balance in any company is a misnomer..It varies from case to case. Its pure luck .

Reason 3 : Used to be a dream company for IIMA grads back in 2000

Reason 4 : Exposure to multiple technologies is good in the long run..provied u r not changing technologies every 4-5 months

Reason 5 : You will get exposure to MNC culture

another important thing you should find out is

About Onsite Opportunities @ Sapient ??
Can anyone throw some light on this ??
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Anjali:

Thanks for replying.
I totally agree being a geenralist has a lot of advantages. But what I'd like to know is how these companies manage to do some of the things for which specialists are required. Say designing an application which is huge in size and complexity. I am not a sure a generalist who has not worked in a particular technology for more than 1 year can design an Enterprise Java application which involves complex J2EE technologies as mentioned above.

I work with infosys is my take

I guess the most important thing in Software is Learnability and one should learn(to the max of one's ability and time ) whatever one is working on !!!

As for specialist: THere are people called Technical Arcithects(those who have consistently worked long enough on multiple technologies) who decide on the framework....Developers and designers use the framework..

Unless you know mulitiple technologies, how would you know whic one would suit ur application

More often than not u will find if u know the concepts , implementation or technology is never an issue and genrally same..

Look at JSP fro J2EE or ASP from MIcrosfot , are they not very similar..

moreover this industry its on a need-KNOW basis..
U should know wat you want to do, Developer communities and GOOGLE do the rest
15 years ago