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Recent posts by Amir khan

Hi Dave/David,

Firstly, Congrats on the release of the book. I have heard lots of RoR, but havent really met a programmer out here in India to gimme the details about it.

Few starters questions I have ,
Is is server side or client side??
Is it gonna take over PHP??
Why should a person choose RoR (advantage of over other scripting language)??
Mind a brief introduction about your book and its content??

Thanks & Regards,
17 years ago
Hi Seema,

Although yours and K&B would be touching the same aspects of the topics a little differently, can you tell us , what more is there in your upcoming book, since UML is the most IN thing does your book elaborate on that or it just plain for SCJP 1.5


Congrats & Best of luck with your book

[HENRY: slight edit of subject]
[ August 07, 2006: Message edited by: Henry Wong ]
Sorry for not putting across the details earlier, the problem is,its not a live layer and i do not want the flash to be continiously updated on the live site, it will use the bandwidth for no reason.I am using flash &xml during development layer, and during content uploading and changes doesnt reflect even if i refresh the page, i have to necessarily reload my page or flush out my cookies n all.


I had recommended to them,as it was earlier suggested by you but it was rejected and since they are gonna incorporate Ajax later, i was wondering if ajax can help me with my issues

Also want to inform that we are using our own customized tool, to maintain the consistentcy.

I am still not very clear that Ajax can help me or not

Thanks for your valuable suggestion
Hi All,

In my current role,I am using Flash and Xml, the problem i face is if i change anything in the flash(content), I have to open up a new window for the changes to be reflected, just wanted to know if Ajax might help me out to reflect the changes like it does for any other application after a fixed time interval( ie asynchronously)
[Editted to provide meaningful topic]
[ July 13, 2006: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
i am able to win any Ajax book trying for a long time. Can you people post the winning questions as well which might help me ask a better question next time,so i could win this subjects book.

sorry a little frustrated with not winning
I have started learning Ajax from "Ajax in Action"-by Mannings. What I have realised is, that Ajax is pretty good considering user-interactive issues (saves you from lots of extra clicks & refreshes). But as most of the sites are turning highly graphical(atleast mine is), I am finding it a little redundant implementing Ajax. Though I fully agree with the argument that "you should use it only if you require it"(disappopinted not being able to implement such a beautiful technology).
Hello frds,

I am looking forward to develop a J2ME game, but i couldnt find the images anywhere, any good place I missed out or is it not freely avialable.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Tim Holloway:
How's the quality of phone (or other Internet data links) and electric service around there these days?

Thanx to these companies, its on par with rest of the world!!!
18 years ago
Hi All,

I have a project in which I have to develop a website + a mobile browser readable site. I do have knowledge about html/javascript (so a normal website is not a headache) and know how the coding part of WML, but I dont know anything else about it. I searched on net for WML but all I got was the coding part(which I can manage) , but I am more interested in the implementation part.

So the first question that came up my mind was "how to direct the mobile browser from the main site to the wml coded site."

Any suggestion from your part would highly appreciated. Please do suggest me books and helpful links
18 years ago
I dont know much about the difference between the companies, but if your from mumbai ,better be in mumbai(food expense, travelling ,accomadation, social life).
18 years ago
I am thinking of setting up an organization which would develop program modules for other organizations (mostly outside india).
for eg:-
Suppose XYZ is a software developing organization with loads of work, i intend
to share thier work at a lower cost(so i wrote BPO). It more like working in tandem with them,for them.
18 years ago
Hi All,

I am thinking of opening up a BPO for java/j2ee. I got finance and i can get work, employees would be a little problem but the main concern is setting up the whole thing.

Thinking of around 10-15 employees company as starting.(is that too much)

Need all the advice, i can get, before i jump into it.
18 years ago
Does part time MBA really counts??
18 years ago
Nobody has knowledge about this issue which I have.
18 years ago
Hi everyone,

I was thinking of doing post graduate in Personel Management. Currently I am working as web developer in a company with excellent growth oppurtinites & was thinking of doing my post graduate in business mgmt. to push me into a better position. But I am still unsure about the job oppurtinities of a Personel Manager.

Can somebody throw some light on the job oppurtinities and expected $$$(indian ruppees).
18 years ago