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Recent posts by Cheenu Subramanian

I am using XSLT 1.0(gerenated by Mapforce tool) and this transformation gets called around 15000 times a day. This is part of a real-time activity. From what I found, exception-handling(throwing exceptions) is not available in XSLT 1.0. XSLT 2.0 seems to have this feature. In addition, we have a need to validate the XML against the schema as well. Could we have the validation turned on without any performance sacrifice? Would switching to 2.0 be the right way to go?
I bought my voucher(Part II assignment) and has since expired. Will I be able to buy another one(obviously another assignment)?
I would not take up the exam if it was not sponsored by my employer. As things stand, I am stuck with Part 1 and am waiting to hear from my employer if the training can be sponsored. Oracle could have increased the cost of the assignment evaluation by 50$ or so and still made money.
Completed Part I today. Needless to say, Javaranch was of massive help.

Thanks to ton !!
12 years ago
When we expose an EJB as a webservice, would we require the ejbclient.jar file in anyway? I guess this question is a little naive. Still wanted to get it clarified from someone. Thanks in advance
15 years ago
I cleared SCWCD with 94%.Thanks Javaranch for the questions and the detailed answers. I have been a passive user.A special thanks Kathy,Bert and Bryan for the wonderful Book "HFSJ". A small suggestion for "to-be-scwcd"s. Do experiment with the code and practice. I was guilty not trying to code enough.
Hi Niranjan,
it took 5 days for my data to be updated on the sun database.
Absoultely right Edwin.. Nothing like exploring java.. well, one has to pass. But gaining knowledge other than exam objectives is also important.
throw new AssertionError is a valid statement. AssertionError behaves similar to the RuntimeExceptions.. so u r not expected to catch ther error.
It entirely depends on the project u get into rather than the location. There are development projects in almost all the locations. As someone said onsite and junk work go hand in hand. If u know some PK/PL in some good project, ask them to pitch for u when u get allocated to a location. Its down to the MATC of the location. Anyway welcome to TCS..
18 years ago
Cleared SCJP with 95%.Just wanted to thank Javaranch. Thanks K&B for the fantastic book.
18 years ago
Hi Naresh,
Java always passes parameters by value and not by reference. If they are primities then a copy of the value is passed. If it is an object(reference), a copy of the reference is passed. Because the copy also refers to the original object, the object referred by the copy(method parameter) changes.
Hi Jeff,
Though x is static, when x is passed as a parameter and is referred as x in that method, the changes will not reflect. Because u r actually accessing a local variable and not the static variable x.However if u access x as <classname>.x then it will be reflected.
When u pass arguments to a method, only a copy of the reference /value is passed. so changes to the reference/value will not reflect in the calling method. But changes to the values referred by the reference will be reflected. Hope thats not too confusing