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Recent posts by sudharma malkas

I have been tring out J2ME for last 6 months.But I want to know is there any market for J2ME developers today.
20 years ago
I found that problem comes once any field is left empty and the doesnt go away even if I restart the program.
the exception message is
java.sql.SQLException : General Error
The problem goes only when I restart the computer.
I am thinking of putting a blank field check but it is still a serious problem which should have some way out.

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I am having a serious problem with my database application using MSAccess. After sometime SQLException General error and this error doesnt goes ever after restarting the program once it comes.Is there a solution to this or I have to swithc to another database.
Well I think the best way to pass the exam and get most out of it is to try to apply it in a pseudo project of your own and visualize different scenarios.
This will take more time but it gives confidence to use uml.
It took me nearly 3 months till I felt I was ready for exam.
Best books are UML Distilled by fowler and Applying UML by larman.
Infact Appling UML gives a nice approach in how to actually use UML
Thanks !!! Avijeet
Your advice was a great help.
By God of Lucks grace I passed the IBM 486 Test today with 76%
Well, the test was difficult one heres something I like to say
The exhibts were very large and it was very irritating to scroll them up and down.
The Questions were difficult and required a lot of after thought.
I hope to use UML in my next project.
what is meant by 'you can vary interface of class independent of implementation'.
and 'client only sees interface not implementation'
These are excerpts from UML Distilled.
Does anyone know
my answers are similar to avijeets except
4. a,c
specification perspective is independent of language
Hello Everyone!
Can anyone tell me answers to these dicy questions from IBM486 Sample test
1.A resulting benefit of using polymorphism is reduction of:

a) methods in the associated classes

b) subclasses needed to accomplish the same functionality

c) case statements and conditionals

d) coupling between classes in the system

2. UML interfaces are used to:

a) define an API for all classes.

b) program in Java, but not in C++ or Smalltalk.

c) define executable logic to reuse across classes.

d) specify required services for types of objects.