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Sorry I wasnt clear, the one month isnt the deadline.
It is generally advisable to sit for the exam soon (say one month) after that training so that things are fresh in your head.

There could be deadline to sit for the exam after taking the training but I am not aware of it, you are better off contacting springsource for these kinda questions.
As long as you understand what is going on it doesnt matter with or without the course.

Since you do not have experience, the only option you have is to take the training and sit for the exam within a month of that.
yes, 80% is quite high, but that is no reason I should fail. I should be have prepared better.

It is particularly difficult target since there are no mock exams, moreover the questions vary from high level concepts to low level configuration details and Interface names. It is quite difficult to remember the low level details for the vast syllabus which includes Core Spring, Spring-WS, Spring Security.
And I don't think that I took this exam that seriously (I should have considering that I currently program in spring and really enjoy using all the features provided by spring) since I have done loads of technical certifications.

I wont register for the exam anytime soon since I have a few other commitments
I just gave the exam 2 hours back, here is what I got after giving the exam

Unofficial Examination Results
Your Score : 72%
Your Grade: Fail

I dont have anything much to say other than that.

I cant decide if I should give it again or not?

Here is what I used for studying.

As per my understanding the question that they ask are not related to the API. Can you provide some guidelines on the type of questions that they ask?

Are questions 2 - 3 lines or do they have a detailed code/spring configuration and multiple questions related to the code?

Certain topics that are covered in the spring course but are not specified in 'Suggested topics'
- spring batch
- contract first web service desing
- spring integration with struts
- Task Scheduling with Spring
- Using JavaConfig to create the spring application context rather that using XML.

Are these included in the exam?
Has anyone attempted the Prince2 Foundation Certification?

I am contemplating perparing for that exam but I need more information about it i.e number of hours of study required, pass rate, a better fourm than the one provided on the site.
I am looking for generic database certification, nothing specific a particular database.
I am also looking at it from an application developer point of view, so I will be interested in SQL side of things rather than db administration.

Is such a certification avaliable?

Ram Subramanian wrote:hi... have you started preparing for certification.. can we form a group, where we can share our ideas, and discuss out things.

i got grandfather recognition as well.. they have provided me with a coupon number. do i still need to pay any money to appear for certification exam.


Sure we can form a group.

Sorry I have been a little bit lazy in checking this thread/forum been a bit busy with other things.
60 questions, 180min.
9 years ago
I am qualified, and I have got the voucher from springsource.

I would like to know - for the exam should I read anything more than the stuff stated above?
I am planning on taking the 'Spring Professional' Certification, but I havent attended SpringSource Tranining Course on 'Core Spring'.
I have over 2 years exprience in Spring, additional I am planning on going through the following books, Spring in Action, Pro Spring 2.5 and also Spring Reference Documentation, is there anything else I need to cover?

I have been using spring for almost 2 years now. I am planning on taking the Certification (that if I do get a voucher from SpringSource based off the 'grandfathered' candidate) I am planning on using the book 'Spring in Action' rather than 'Pro Spring' since 'Spring in Action' is more current.
I havent used the following spring features at work AspectJ, Srping+Hibernate, Spring+iBATIS, Securing Spring, Spring+Webflow, Do you think that 'Spring in Action' is a good book to cover all these topics, in addition to the Spring online reference documentation.
I have tried eimp and it is really rubbish. I would really prefer an IM app that plugs into intelliJ or Eclipse but I have managed to get Miranda that is really light weight and dosent take too much screen real estate.
I am looking for list of Instance Messenger Chat Plugings either of Eclipse or IntelliJ, these plugins should support the following protocols YMSG, MSN and Jabber, moreover they should also be configurable so that I can connect through a socks proxy and I should also be able to specify the the server address and port (i.e. I shouldnt connect to the defualt yahoo server and port).

Does any one have any links.