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Recent posts by Sowjanya Chowdary

Could anybody, please explain the difference between framework and design pattern?
15 years ago
Hi all,
What is Broadvision? Is it an application server? If anybody could please specify any liks that help in getting basic knowledge of broadvision, it would be helpful.
Thanks in advance

16 years ago
I am also getting answer as E.
Because, x is not declared public in, so it can't be accessed outside the package.

Answer can't be C because, when using a class outside a package, we can either import that package or use fully-qualified-name.
Here in line 2 of, we are using fully-qualified-name of Test1 class as "".


Originally posted by Sachin Satija:

FYI SG was bengal's captain and he voluntarily stepped down last month.

Sourav Steps down as Bengal's captain


Good decision..

Sorry i forgot to add.. FOR
[ December 24, 2005: Message edited by: Amrutha Chowdary ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by Ravi Parulekar:

Otherwise, tomorrow if they drop Laxman all Hydrabadis will come down to street ..
Yes, I support selectors decision. �FOR�

Laxman got a chance and is proving his talent. Because he got to know that, he has to perform well if he want to stay in team.
why all this hue and cry for Sourav.
Cricket is not for bengal. Let sourav prove his talent in domestic cricket. Selectors will automatically consider him.
If bengal is so much impressed by sourav.... better make him bengal team captain.
16 years ago
hi kannagiri rosei
just concentrate on these two lines below

private String _mood = _HAPPY;//1
private final static String _HAPPY = "happy";//2

When u define _HAPPY as static in line //2, _mood is instance variable and _HAPPY is static variable.
As the static code in any class is executed first,
the compiler already recognizes _HAPPY as a variable which holds value "happy".
So when u call line//1 it assings the value in _HAPPY to _mood.

But in case you are not defining _HAPPY as static, compiler
treats _mood and _HAPPY both as instance variables.
So in line//1 when it encounters _HAPPY, it don't know that _HAPPY is declared.
That's why it reports "illegal forward reference" error.

if you declare _mood after _HAPPY, you won't get the error.
private final String _HAPPY = "happy";//2
private String _mood = _HAPPY;//1

Hope this helps.

[ December 16, 2005: Message edited by: Amrutha Chowdary ]
Hi all,

I have a problem using javascript.
I want to know whether there is any way to accesss, the current time and offset from GMT for a selected timezone id from dropdown menu like IST, EST..etc.

Thanks for any reply.

Many thanks to Stuart & Scott for the information.
16 years ago
Please, post your complete code.
I think, it will help to analyse the problem.
16 years ago
Please anyone explain me what is the use of java.lang.Class.
I had gone through java api, but didn't got clear idea.

Thanks in advance for any help.

16 years ago
Try adding p.validate(); , before closing your actionPerformed() method.
validate() method cause a container to lay out its subcomponents again.
It should be invoked when this container's subcomponents are modified (added to or removed from the container, or layout-related information changed) after the container has been displayed.
For more information check java api.

16 years ago
When u call z().i, the statement j=1 is not executed by that time. so, i=peek() returns default value of j.
But in case of z().peek(), before calling any method of a class, all the fields(variables) are assinged to thier values. So j which is assinged to 1 is returned.

Hope this helps,
Please correct me if i am wrong.

16 years ago
Thanks Ranjan.
16 years ago