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Recent posts by girish rateshwar

Thanks. Certainly helpful.

Would any off the shelf products help speed up the analysis?


7 years ago

Hi All,

What attributes within a Java code should be checked for manual security assessment? Can any one of you point me in the direction?

Scope is to evaluate a web application and assess the code quality.

Appreciate your inputs.

7 years ago
Dear All,

We have to develop a slightly complex module for our HR dept. It is using Java + MSSQL.

Apart from JDeveloper, do you know any IDE for developing Java Application.
Also is there any 3rd party tool for creating and publishing reports in java?

Thanking you all in anticipation.
Well every firewall defines the following:
Rule - a rule states whether packets(data) associated with a defined port is allowed or dis-allowed from passing a given point in the firewall.
Chain - a collection of rules. Associated with a Hook so that its rules become active.
Hooks - it is best to think of these as parts of the router that packets pass though.

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18 years ago
Dear all,
Need assistance in configuring IAS to implement a VPN.
Well as of now, all i have is a Windows 2000 Server,which is the the PDC (supporting 60 win 2k professional).
Configured the DNS,DHCP.
Need help with IAS.
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18 years ago
Dear all,
I have been trying to use this debugger for 32-bit applications. I'am having problems setting up break points. Any inputs pls.
18 years ago
Dear all,
I have an application in c++ to calculate the disk space allocated to each user in policy. This application should automatically startup with windows.
Is there any means (i.e by using a batch file while installing this application) by way of which i can get this exe in the startup folder.
I guess i need to modify the registry :roll:
18 years ago
Dear Tim,
I know im asking for more, but thats what javaranch is good at
Well im developing an interface where im connecting to mysql and validating the username and password. I need to change the text 'abc' -->> '***' on linux. Im developing this in c++.
Can u pls let me know if there is any code available with u?
18 years ago
Dear all,
I have a c++ program ( which contains a header file conio.h.
Now when i have copied this file on my linux machine and try to compile it : g++
I get the following error:
conio.h No such file or directory.
To resolve this i tried to look for the header file and managed to get it from my friend and copied it to /usr/i386-glibc21-linux/include
But i keep gettin the same error!
Do i have the original conio.h or there is some otehr way of doin it.
Help Appreciated
18 years ago
Dear all,

I have created a batch file to grant and revoke system permissions.
Now i want to give this to my fren too, but he can view the code when he will try to edit it?
How can i convert a batch file to an exe, to hide the code?
18 years ago
I tried installing on Linux.
I logged in as root. Then it prompted me to run some script, so i had to log in back with another id.
After the installation is complete how do i get to the interface?
Being used to windows, im not aware how can i start the OEM?
18 years ago
Dear all,
Im trying to open an access database (demo.mdb).
I keep getting this error : you do not have permissions to open the demo.mdb database. Contact the administrator/user who created this.
Wat is goin on?
I have created this database on access 97. Put security and after the upgrading to windows 2000 and office 2000, im getting this error.

Help appreciated.
18 years ago
Dear all,
Trying to implement oracle on linux.
Just wanted to know if there is anything that i need to take care.
Also just like on windows an icon for the Oracle Home is created in the start Programs, is it the same for GUI in linux.
18 years ago
Hi Tim,
Thanks indeed for your concern. Well to tell u wat the domain looks like.
1 Windows NT server, running the proxy server.
30 Windows NT + 20 Windows 2000 pro.
All the above clients connect to the proxy server via port 80.
The primary domain controller has a swtich to which it branches out connections to these clients via hubs.
Well coming back to the primary domain controller and the swtich is attached an adsl modem.
Now my question is: if the linux is running firewall, can it be a problem, cause i did a default installation for configuring firewall (medium).
question: is there any software that i need to install just like the windows clients have proxy clients installed on them.
Help appreciated
18 years ago