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You will see considerable number of questions directly or indirectly related to deployment descriptor. You may want to take a print out of this document and go through couple of times before taking exam
Sangeetha, Please go through EJB spec atleast once if you have time. That's something i haven't done due to time constraint. Take a look at this deployment descriptor reference document. This has really helped me to memorize all the tags and roles.

Good luck!
16 years ago

Today I cleared SCBCD exam with 90 %. HFEJB is awesome. Kudos to Kathy and Bates. I would also like to thank everyone in this group.

16 years ago
Per page No.94 (chapter 2) of HFEJB,

step 5. the bean is created
step 6. The EJBObject is made

Per page No. 178 (chapter 4) of HFEJB,

3. EJBObject is made
4. the bean is created

Both scenarios are referring to Stateful session beans. I know chapter4 explanation is right. Any idea why it was mentioned differently in chapter2
I have experienced this problem before. I get an exception when i double click the submit button from the form which basically going to call a method in a session bean. Would session bean consider double click as two different client requests?
I would like to buy Mark Cade's scea book. While ordering i found out that there is a second edition which is yet to be published. Do any of you know when this is going to be? Would it be ok to buy the first edition knowing that the second edition is under way?