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I am completely new to Struts. I have come across two book names by searching through all the previous posts on this forum which are

Programming Jakarta Struts ( O'Reilly )
Struts in Action ( Manning )

Can anyone suggest me which one I should chose?

Thanx in advance... :
14 years ago
Hey guys!!!

today I cleared da exam securing 82%. It was quite difficult as compared to SCJP 1.4(scored 95%) I think it's ok, having no prior knowledge of servlets n jsp. I prepared for 1.5 months. followed HFSJ. thanx to HFSJ authors. for me HFSJ mock exam score + 20% formula didn't work out coz I had scored 70% in HSFJ mock exam. did Jwebplus mock exams too.

neways, now it's time to relax for sometime.
What should be the correct answer for the following question

Consider the following description of a tag in a TLD:

Replaces emoticons such as , , and with images.
Which of the following statements regarding the above tag are correct?

a It is an empty tag.
b It may be used as an empty tag.
c It must have a body.
d It must implement BodyTag interface.
e It may take an attribute named 'name'. But if present, its value must be dynamic.

I think it should be 'b' only but answer says 'b' & 'd'.

Could anyone help me out on this???
Hi Sathish,

I am not able to find Bryan's tutorial on dynamic attributes in this forum. Could you or anyone else help me out.
Congratz for such a nice score.
Did you study servlets and jsp specs from Sun for the exam? And how much time it took you to prepare?

I tried taking mock exam at javaranch, but everytime i click on the link provided...it gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException.

can anyone help me in this regard.


please forward me also those files which Alex has sent to you all. Could anyone of you please help me.

Hi I passed the exam on 13th of August. I followed Kathy Seirra book. It really helped me securing a good percentage. Thanx to Kathy and Bert.
14 years ago

could anyone explain me the difference between application server and web server.

thanks in advance.