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Recent posts by Sandeep Chhabra

Hi Ulf,

What about the powerpoint files.... Can we read them as well??
16 years ago
Hi all,

I want to play a powerpoint presentation in a java applet. Is there any way to do this?

16 years ago
Thank you very much for the guidence Ulf,
I would really appreciate if you could throw some light as to how can i really get hold of the jar that is downloaded to my machine when i am viewing an applet. (Actually, I used to think that this is not possible )

I want the members to access the confidential data but taking screenshots will not harm me, all i want is that the they should not really get the entire content.

Could you suggest some better way to secure the content that i am presentation to members for eg some PPT (embedded in applet) containing animations?

Thanks for your kind help!
16 years ago
Hi friends,

Nice to be back to this community after a very long time.
I had a small concern and need some Expert Advice.

I am developing a website. I have some material say in the form of Powerpoint presentation and word files which i would like to share with the members of my website. Now the thing is that this material is very confidential and I dont want the member to somehow get hold of that and redistribute it.

For this i had 2 choices:
1) Flash
2) Java Applet

I can put all the content in flash file and put them on my site. But as per my understanding the .swf file will get downloaded to the client machine and thereafter it can be misused.

On the other hand using applet might not be so interactive or efficient to display the Powerpoint presentation (I need suggestions on this also). But it MIGHT be secure, i mean at least the client will not receive any copy of the material.

Please suggest me if I am right or what should be the right way to solve this issue.

16 years ago
Hi all,

I passed SCWCD with 85%. Though not very good but I am satisfied. I prepared for it in just a weeks time.

HFSJ was very helpful thanks authers.
17 years ago

May be a few not interested in Java start getting attracted in this stuff...


I think to a great extent you are right....and even i was confused regarding this matter.

Also mentioned is that URL rewriting is handeled in a vendor specific way, tomcat uses ';' to append the extra info into the URL

You are right, but '?' is used to append query string to the URL whatever may the web server be. So this confirms that atleast you cannot use '?' to append jsessionid because it is not a query string, infact it is a mechanism for session management or we can call it as extra info.

So if URL has been encoded and also you have passed some parameters in query string then the url should look something like this:;jsessionid=0ET654965?ID=1234&Name=someName

Upto my understanding, I can conclude that extra info can be separated from the URL by any character specific to vendor excluding '?', because this character denotes the query string where in we pass request parameters to a resource.

Hopefully I am right.
That's right...

Atleast the syntax for both of these code is correct.
so in case we get such question in exam, I think we should go for both of them.

Thanks Bryan
Thanks for your HttpServletResponse Bryan

This question was really bothring me.
Even I feel the question is incorrect.

anyways thanks again for your wonderful book as well.

[ May 19, 2006: Message edited by: Sandeep Chhabra ]
I know about URL Rewriting, But what my concern is that the URL given is

where I think if URL Rewriting would have been implemented, then the URL should be:;jsessionid=123

Kindly clarify.
[ May 19, 2006: Message edited by: Sandeep Chhabra ]
If an HTML page of a web application has a hyperlink(to a servlet) with the following URL, which of the mechanisms would have been used for session management?

A Rewritten URLs
B Cookies
C Http Redirect
D None of the above

I got this question in a mock exam.
I feel the answer should be D, but it says answer is A.

Can anyone please confirm.


Oops !!! Sorry for it.... But intentions were not rude...

I just got upset of such types of questions. I have got them a couple of times now in many mocks...and now I just feel I am not well prepared for the exam.

anyways thanks for your response.
That's right...

But these were the options given in the mock.
I am aware of the fact that newline can create problem in such scenerio.

Could you please give the correct answer from these two options.
This was the explination given in support of the said answer

Implementation of the request and response objects are "not guaranteed" to be thread safe. They should only be used within the scope of the request handling thread.

References to the request and response objects must not be given to objects executing in other threads as the resulting behaviour may be non-deterministic.

Only these two jars are requird to be placed in WEB-INF/lib