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Originally posted by Srinivasa Raghavan:
When ever you get angry try to laugh Loudly !!!


i think this is good idea
13 years ago
hi mark

i am not hijacking this topic.
i am giving rebirth to this topic .
and i am also asking about cv format for freshers.
if i will asked same problem in another thread.
then u will say , we are already discussed this topic in that thread.

anyway i am very sorry , if it hurts anybody.
13 years ago
In india generally for a fresher BE(bachelor of engineering)
in computers science, how many pages of cv should one have,
and how many projects details should one add, in the cv.
generally we made two projects in our gradutaion.
and please tell anyone what should be the standard of projects.
i made two project in my engineering, one is online examination in java
with student datsbase,and other is library management system in visual basic ,
and they are below standard, so please anyone tell me about any good
projects that i can add on my cv, i want to add any j2ee project
i am studying java and j2ee for last 3 months .
can anybody please tell me any site which has open
source code for j2ee projects,
please help
13 years ago
thanks jason
for giving me reply
and your valuable advice.
hi bear

i am using internet explorer
i dont know why that link is not opening ,
does opening a link vary location wise.
i am from india
13 years ago
hi jason

for scwcd what will u suggest with your personnal
enthruware or whizlab
i think u know about u said
if possible please tell somthing , about using enthruware. experience
when u preparing for scwcd
thanks paul
one more question (websphere)
2.bea (weblogic)
3.jboss (sun)

waht is the differnce between these three
is there any interrelation between these three,
please tell
13 years ago
can anyone tell me any site which
has source code for j2ee projects .
i mean to say j2ee project site
please help me .
13 years ago
hi bear
tahnks for reply

all other articles printable version are ok.
except urs.
anyway , it might be some internal problem in javaranch server.
, the link u provide is still not working.
anyway ,its not a big issue. i will read ur article without printable
version. because i love reading your articles .

[ October 17, 2005: Message edited by: harish goyal ]
13 years ago
can anyone tell me any site which
has source code for j2ee projects .
i mean to say j2ee project site
please help me .
13 years ago
can anybody tell me what is difference between
apache tomcat server and jboss server.
i am working on apche tomcat server.
if i want to switch to jboss server,

Is installing jboss is very hard ? than tomcat.
please tell something, how to install.
i dont have any knowledge of jboss.
please help me

13 years ago
hi hari

you are the author of wizlab simulator
if possible can u tell me
how wizlab simulator is helful.
already there are many test papers available free on the net.
so i think what is the need of wizlab simulator.
but i found many people saying . these simulator help
these simulator are very expensive.
what is your maoney back guarantee , if anyone fails in the exam
tell something about ur simulator ,
suppose i want to do scbcd certification , in 15 days
and my intention is to just pass the exam with passing rate.
i know if i will give 45 days to hfejb, i will got
good marks and with good ejb knowledge.
but if i want to pass the exam in 15 full days .
and my prequisitive is ,i have alredy cleared scjp and scwcd.
if possible please give answer of my silly question.