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Ivan Krizsan wrote:Updated today, section 8 done.

Keep up the good work man. Thanks alot. I cleared the exam.
SCDJWS 5 experience
Most of the credit goes to your notes.
11 years ago

SCDJWS 5 resources :

1. Awesome : SCDJWS5 study guide by Ivan Krizsan
2. Pretty good SCDJWS objective wise links
3. For Ch10 : WSIT tutorial is enough
4. Watsh Rajneesh's : SCDJWS 1.4 Study Notes

Will update more shortly
11 years ago

Sachin Kumar wrote:Congrates if you have realy got a pass certificate.
But SUN says its still 68% for scdjws 5

but upgrade exam to scdjws 5 do have 40% as pass score.

please clarify.

I just hope that what I've in my hand is correct.
I wrote the exam today itself and got the Score Report which says that the passing score is 42% and this is the first time I am writing SCDJWS 5 (No previous versions).
So this is not upgrade.

To me it looks more like the site needs an update. I hope they don't fail me after reading this post.
Looks like a joke right but its true.

For SCDJWS 5 the passing score is 42% and number of question is 65.

Here is my story :

Let me fist shamelessly defend my 60% :

1. My voucher was getting expired on 2nd April so I had no other choice but to write the exam.
2. I was ready to fail instead of writing the older version.
3. The actual reason, I was very very lazy to study.
4. I prepared for 9 days to write this exam. I had the ample time but as you know my laziness.
5. Didn't get time for any mock exam or even to revise my own notes.

About "MY" exam :
1. Exam was tough. Very confusing.
2. 80% Theory. 10% XML,SOAP,WSDL etc.. tags, 10% sample code and missing code snippets.
3. No questions that points to the new features in SOAP1.2. All NS URIs were point to SOAP1.1
4. No questions from WSDL component model (WSDL2.0)
5. Questions from both BP1.0a and BP1.1. Be thorough in this, I just gave 1 reading of BP 1.1 and that costed me alot.
6. Read BP1.1 for XML, SOAP (even if it is not mentioned in the Objectives) and WSDL.
7. Make sure you understand and remember what point are MUST HAVE and what point are SHOULD HAVE from BP 1.1
8. Make sure you exactly understand diff security concepts (WS-Security, SAML, XKMS, etc..) and especially their uses cases.
9. Read more on use cases of JSON and REST. They try to mix SOAP and JSON/REST in use cases.
10. Make sure what APIs support both REST and SOAP and how to use them (the diff methods).
11. Read everything about .NET, visual studio, its tools, clients, uses cases etc..from the WSIT tuorial. Don't miss anything.
12. Read about caching pattern and where the caching happens (Client/Server) etc..

Let me know if you want to ask anything about any specific objective or chapter.
All the above details are specific to my exam. It can be different for your exam.

SCDJWS 5 resources I used for the exam :

I forgot to ask : which is better?
Scoring 90% in scjp 1.4 or
scoring 75% in scjp 5.0.
Hi All,

I hope this is not a duplicate thread.
I am planning to write SCJP exam in november first week.
I am from hyd,india.

I have the following questions :

1.Which exam should I write scjp 1.4 or 5.0 (I know basic java).
2.I can study not more than 1 1/2 hour daily (including practice and mock test) so is the time sufficient.
3.I am planning to buy K&B book (as suggested in the threads).Is k&b 5.0 available in the market.
4.Suppose I want to write exam on 4th nov then when should I purchase the voucher and when should I contact the Prometric training center for the exam.
5.Any links to online tutorials or notes on SCPJ 5.0 (if u r suggesting 5.0)

Hopefully these basic questions will help all the new comers.

Thanks alot in advance.