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Recent posts by Ernesto Elias-Nieland

Here are just two random facts for client side Java usage:

Almost all ATM machines use Java SE clients. Also many devices that do any financial transaction, like paying with your credit card in a restaurant use some Java on their devices.

That Java is still one of the leading technologies for enterprise software doesn't have to be said. And I would think that every second dev-type IT job is in enterprise software development.

9 years ago
Looks like you are missing the dependencies on these classes in your pom file. You have to add the required jar files for a project in the dependencies section of the pom.

This is similar to setting the classpath variable when you compile the code with a javac command. (Please check the maven docs for a better explanation of this. )

9 years ago
I would pay 2 bucks cash right away.

If you are interested I work Burrard @ Granville.

10 years ago
If I understand you correctly the price of an object is calculated by an exchange rate for a currency and the base price for the object.

e.g. A car costs 5000 EUR as a base price. This price doesn't change because this is the price the car is sold in the shop. There must be something like a base price because otherwise an exchange rate would make no sense.
Ok , exchange rate 1 EUR = 4.23 PLN. Hence, the car costs 5000 * 4.23 PLN = 21150 PLN. You don't have to store this price in PLN in your data model for the car. You can calculate the price by the base price of the car (5000 EUR, stored in the data model) which rarely changes * exchange rate (which is not a property of the car and should be stored in a different table, e.g. the exchange rate table which has another object to accesses it)

when you develop the class for your car you can specify the properties like this:

By this the dependent prices are not stored in the model of the car and need not to be recalculated

11 years ago
Why don't you calculate the price in the object by the exchange rate * base price when the object is created instead of storing only the result in the object. This would eliminate the need for recalculating the price in a specific currency if the exchange rate changes.

11 years ago
Did you know that there are also Planet Earth jigsaw puzzles on the market? I worked on one with 1000 pieces showing Mt Everest after work for a while.

This was way more relaxing than watching TV. The puzzle is now hanging in my living room.
11 years ago
Of course memorizing a bunch of methods can be very frustrating and also time consuming.
However, in real life this will make you much faster and effective than looking up every second command in the javadoc. I am programming for a long time and since I know tons of commands with their signature and also know exactly what they do, I am just ten times faster than other people I know that have to look up everything.
The same is the case for these syntax trick questions of the SCJP. If you see on the first glance what is wrong with some code you do not have to go through the build and deploy circle, which can take a couple of minutes even with Eclipse. While other people build ten times a good programmer builds maybe only twice. In my current project a full build and deploy takes about 15 minutes. So you see that you save a lot of time if you can handle most errors of your code by simply looking at it.

Anybody got their results yet? I am still waiting...

14 weeks, three emails, no response
You have to catch the InterruptedException when doing wait and notify. Wait and notify would be the proper way to pause a thread until a condition becomes true.

You can also call sleep if you just want to stop it for a little while.


By the way, my status also changed from Pending to Taken about 3 weeks ago. Looks like I have the same issue as you, Artur.
Hey Mura,

You are not the only one who is waiting for a while now. Took my essay exam on May 5th and still no results. Sent two email so far but no reply yet.

Hi Artur,

The assignment is sometimes not very clear about what you should do. This is part of the certification. If the spec is not clear YOU have to decide what to do and document it in your choices file.
I think the people at Sun are not very strict about what you do if you documented it properly and you do everything that's a "must" in the spec.

My program is actually very, very simple and provides no functionality outside the spec. It is not nice at all and in real life nobody would use it. But that's fine because it fulfills all requirements.

So don't be to afraid about doing something "wrong". There is no wrong if you can make it clear why you did it.

I hope this helps a bit.

Hi Satishkumar,

I am working on a different assignment, but I just use the record id for the equals method. This makes things realy easy.
However, in my assignment (URLyBird 1.3.2) two records are not equal if all data in the record is the same. I don't know if this is also the case for your data model, e.g. two contractors with the same name, location and speciality that are actually two different records in the db.

I removed the redundant modifier. I think it is both acceptable as long as you document your decision.
Hi there!

Actually, in real database systems you can specify if you want another user to be able to modify the records you queried. I think you can go for either option if you can justify your decision in the choises.txt.

Check this out: