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Recent posts by Kiran Bhangale

I am also waiting for your books in India Cameron.
12 years ago
Hi Evelyn,

I have sent e-mail to you twice.

I am still waiting for Sun voucher.

Kind attention is appretiated.

[ October 29, 2007: Message edited by: Kiran Bhangale ]
Hi Sanjeev and Nagendra,

Call 0124 - 4517160 number and register to any of your interested prometric center in India. Also It would be good if you have email communication for confirmed registration. I have email communication.

Not sure whether today registration is possible or not, however try out.
[ September 27, 2007: Message edited by: Kiran Bhangale ]
Hi Prasanna,

Try on 0124 - 4517160 number for registration in India.
We can not reference a field before it is declared/defined.

In example variables y and b are used before they declared/defined, it will cause compiler error.

But we can forward reference to static fields,

The following code should work fine...

class Test{
private int x=y+10;
private static int y=5;
private int a=b+4;
private static final int b=100;

Hope that clarifies....
Thanks chandra!

But the synchronization/locking comes into picture if we create threads. right?

Kiran Bhangale.
why the methods wait(), notify(), notifyAll() methods are provided in Object class?
As These methods are related to thread, why they are not specified as members of Thread class?

Kiran Bhangale.

can you please send me ppt at

Thanks in Advance.

Hey Mikalai,

Could you please send me the same too.
My email id is "".
I am also preparing for the exam.

Thanks for effort and help in advance.


Kiran Bhangale.
Hey Congrats, great going.....

15 years ago