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Recent posts by Rizwan Mohammad

Hi, When we send jms message from JMS producer (client) to IBM MQ (JMS provider) , do we need any kind of acknowledgement from MQ Broker saying that it has received the message. Or if send() is successful, can I assume or is it guarantee that it has reached the provider. Is it mentioned somewhere in JMS specification? Anyway, I dont mind whether consumers consumed it or not. My interest is knowing only in sending message to provider. With successful send() method invocation, is it guranteed? Please advice
Thanks Marco. You pointed out to very nice article.
Hi, Sorry for the simple question. But this is puzzling my mind very much. When we send a message to JMS proivder/IBM MQ, why we need acknowledgement? If send request succeeds doesnt mean that message has reached the actual message queue. Thanks in advance.

We have few applications in our enterprise one being the master. We have to send nearly one hundred thousand messages daily from master application to all dependent application using messaging service (via Webspher Message Broker) and we need to get response after successful consumption of messages for logging purpose.

Can you please suggest me the best design/architecture for this solution.

Note: Master application is developed in j2ee and hosted in websphere application server.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
11 years ago
12 years ago
Hi, I have a requirement in a web page where on click of link, i need to send multiple emails. I am able to send up 200 or 300 emails using mailto URI scheme. How can I pass more emails here or is there any alternate solution to this? It was suggested by someone to use COM objects. Can someone elaborate how com objects will solve this purpose?
Thanks in advance.
12 years ago

One of my project has a requirement to use rich text editor to compose email to the users. If you have any suggestions on which way to work or which is best tool, could you please throw some ideas on it.

Appreciate your help on this in advance.

What I mean by line break is I see one empty line after HEADING before it prints One, Two and Three in the list. How can I elimiate that empty line?

Originally posted by Ankit Garg:

If you mark a constructor as protected, then you can create instances of that class in it's own package but you can extend that class from any package...

Little correction to what you wrote.
If you mark a constructor as protected, then you can create instances of that class in it's own package and also in its sub classes in any package
but you cannot create that class from any other package.
Hi, With the following code I get two linebreaks after the text HEADING. How can I make it to one line break?

<li> One
<li> Two
<li> Three

Appreciate your response in this.
Is there any class in java which gives the network path you mapped to if you give drive letter?
For example, if in my computer i mapped E: to some remote path /abc/xyz.
Is there any system class in java which gives me the path /abc/xyz if I pass E:
15 years ago
I use IE 7 and it was working fine. For some reason it suddenly started giving problems in all most all the sites. Whenever I submit/click on a button it says object not found in java script. Don't know what to do?
I installed IE 8 then all java problems are gone but it is not user friendly to me.. Can you tell me what can I do to go back to IE 7 and not to have those problems? Appreciate your help.
From generate stub if I call webservice method it is going to wrong method in implementation class. I have deployed webservice using axis engine. What are the possible areas that I can check to make sure it calls correct method? Thanks in advance for your replies.
Thanks Maris.
I will try with that.
16 years ago
I have two versions of java in my machine 1.4 and 1.6
How do I launch my webstart application using 1.4 and not by 1.6?
16 years ago