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Aaron Robinson

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Recent posts by Aaron Robinson

I am a certified architect with all the skills mentioned. Salary no issue? How much?
Are you referring to the book by Monson? If so ehich page are you referring to?
If you have the class files and a deployment descriptor you can deploy anyway you choose.
If you don't like weblogic's approach you could use the tools provided with Sun's J2EE RI.
What's wrong with weblogics
I assume from your name that you are not a native English speaker. You must know what it is like to be shot down when trying to speak English. I suggest you bear this in mind.
Although zhewen's English can improve what he is asking for is very clear.
"do you have read the book from Jaworski? i need a certificat book, i have read the some capitals from
i don't have patient,"
Have you read the Jaworski book?
I need a certification book.
I have tried reading some chapters from Monson but I don't have the patience.

i think with a certifcat book would be go quickly and Aaron Robinson who has passed the part I has said the book
design patterns and contracts is also not good... what is your opinion,looking forward for your reply
I think that it would be quicker to read a certification book
Aaron Robinson said the Design Patterns and Contracts book is not a good book
What is your opinion.
I await your reply.
Wasn't too hard was it?

Zhewen, you should get off your backside and work for the certificaion. That is the whole point of them, not that you just read certification based books. The Monson book is very good and so you should devote your time to reading this.
Sun have changed the format of the exam to prevet people like you from passing. It is too easy to pass a multiple choice test without any experience in the subject. With the assignment approach you will become completely unstuck so if your attitude is just to scrape a pass instead of learning the required material you should give up now.
As for the Dsign Patterns and contracts book, it is for Eiffell language and so for me is of no use. That doesn't mean it is not a good book. I'm just suprised Sun included it in their suggestd reading listfor a J2EE specific certification.
Anyonw know how to delete data from a file?
23 years ago
Also see my group for many details on the new architects exam\group\scea_j2ee
You will need to learn the short descriptions of each pattern and the consequences of each. through this understanding you will be able to relate them to J2EE technologies. An example might be the observer pattern.
Hope this helps
And you can find my discussion forum, dedicated to SCEA for J2EE (the replacement for SCJA) at
A disucssion group is up and running for this certification with plenty of specific links, files, FAQ etc from passer of part 1 of the exam.
You can use DDConverter though, if you have the text file from 4.5.1. Alternatively, you can use DDCreator from 451 and then 5.1 DDConverter
23 years ago
Did indeed and it worked. What a dork.
Thanks for the relpy.
I think it may have been the suplus full stop at the end.
Thanks for pointing it out
Does anyone know how to use this consistently from a servlet across browser types and versions? Are there know problems with certain versions and if so what work arounds are there? Is there an alternative for when you wish to send a response to a new window?
23 years ago
I'm having problem getting this method to run executables on NT workstation. Is anyone aware of any problems with using this method? I have tried calling it from a servlet and a session bean eith the following code but neither appear to work.
Also, this code will need to be deployed to Solaris. what is the platform independent way of calling an executable, in particular how do you specify the root in an independent way?
23 years ago