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Recent posts by Carlos Duque

Pretty much solved it with variables:

Though I thought I had read somewhere that variables couldn't be changed.
Anyway, I hope it helps someone else out there...
I'm just starting to learn XSLT and got stuck with the following problem:
This xml is extracted from a small java application named 'timecult' that helps you time your projects and tasks:

I'm trying to build a summary of 'duration' for each task generating a html with the following xslt (only relevant blocks are included):

My problem is inside the template for the 'task', the //timeRec seems to get the right nodes, but when I try to print the task's id (the attribute 'id' not the attribute 'taskId') it seems to be out of scope when I am inside the <xsl:for-each> block. I must be doing something wrong but haven't found yet how to access the @id so I can compare it and consider it for a later 'sum' .

I'd appreciate any help.


David Newton wrote:Did you try it with an ending </script> tag? IIRC the end tag is required.

Thanks David !!!

Adding the </script> did the trick, I can't believe I spent so much time on this... thanks again !!!
11 years ago

I'm having trouble trying to use prototype.js in my Struts2+Tiles2 webapp.

My mainLayout.jsp, includes the call for prototype with the following line:

If I put the prototypejs call before this one:

It causes the whole text to dissapear and only the colors provided by the css can be seen.

On the other hand, if I put the prototypejs call after the stylesheet call, the whole page goes completly 'blank'.

This is the code of my mainLayout.jsp

This is the code of the generated page as returned when requested with http://localhost:8080/AdminCole-1.0/Home.action:

Please note that the part containing the ";jsessionid=XXXXXXXX" on the two lines of the <head> tag, are only seen when I use 'curl', with firefox they don't appear. But then again, I'm using cookies with firefox so I don't believe that it has something to do with the problem.

I would appreciate any pointers,

11 years ago
Thanks Joe,

I managed to solve it, and then got into another problem with an inputStream:

I got it working too and the code ended up being:

However, I don't understand why

doesn't need a "/" at the beginnig of the Path to the file but this line:

Does need the "/". Sorry, but couldn't find anything on the documentation that discussed this so I thought I could ask here if anyone knows the reason behind this difference.


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12 years ago

I'm trying to load a file like this:

But url1 is always "null". I have to use .getResource() because everything will be in a single jar file, the structure of the project is :

and the output from System.out.println("user.dir") is: D:\proyectos\workspace\nb\userver

Any Ideas on what I'm doing Wrong?
12 years ago
Just to be clear, I started debugging because I wasn't getting the responseMessage back with a simple:

But I did learn, now I know "it happens" and that I should start debugging classes until I *really* understand what they actually do.

Thanks !!!
13 years ago
Thanks a lot !!!

Based on your reply I changed the key "dto" with "DTO" (uppercase), and now it's working. I'm still surprised that something this small cost me around 24 hours of reading and testing.

13 years ago
When I debug the code (Using Webshpere v5.1.2),

I see the "map" variable has a 'table' entry that works like an array, inside that map. here's the copy from the "variables" view:

Position [4] is where the responseMessage was before "dto" got there, but then I saw that responseMessage was stored inside the "next" Entry:

Why is that? I expected both of them to be side, by side, not one chained to the other...

Regards and thanks for your replies...
13 years ago

I'm having problems with a basic HashMap, I don't know why the contents and key of "responseMessage", gets overwritten by "dto".

What's wrong with this code?

13 years ago
Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your reply, I did what you suggested but the files were similar, after trying some weird mixtures I got it working, this is what I came up with:

1. Import Everything as usual (Including the "Servers" folder)
2. close WSAD
3. manually copy the Servers folder to some temp folder
4. Start WSAD
5. Delete the "Servers" folder with it's contents
6. Create a new "Server Project" and name it "Servers"
7. Close WSAD
8. overwrite the new "Servers" folder with the one on the temp folder
9. Start WSAD

I know this is way too stupid to be a real solution, but that's how it worked... It just bugs me that WSAD didn't recognize my servers configuration from the first time... I know I must be missing something.
14 years ago
Hi all,

I just imported an EAR project on WSAD (5.1.2), it has a folder named "Servers" on the Project Navigator as it's supossed to, but it is not recognized on the "Servers" view so I cannot start the testing servers I need.

am I missing something?
14 years ago