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Recent posts by hem kumar

i think the OP got came across the TextIO package here http://math.hws.edu/javanotes/c2/s4.html
but anyway its not a standard java package. That is used there just for the sake of some simple examples.
5 years ago
Thanks vyas. Actually the problem was somewhere else. The imageSrc contained a "../" at the begining and it was creating problems. The syntax code i produced here is working correctly. Now seems the problem is resolved.Thank you once again.
7 years ago
i want to handle a URL which comes from the client side like this: $.ajax({url : "someString/"+ catID+"/"+productName+"/"+imageSrc,
in that above url the imageSrc contains multiple forward slashes("/").
now my controller class method for handling this looks like this:

@RequestMapping(value = "/someString/{categoryId}/{productId}/{imgSrc}", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public void someMethod(Model model,
@PathVariable("categoryId") String categoryId, @PathVariable("productId") String productId,
@PathVariable("imgSrc") String imgSrc, HttpServletRequest request)

but its not giving the correct url. The middle {productId} is always getting erased and replaced by the {imgSrc}.

is there anyway to get this working, i.e, is there anyway to handle this type of variable length string using spring mvc 3.0?
thank you.
7 years ago
Now if you want an easy and step by step way to work out a struts 2 example with netbeans 6.9.1 and struts 2 plug-in, i have worked out a tutorial (beware: its very basic). My main objective there was to figure out how to work out with struts 2 plugin. You can find the link here: http://hemantkn.blogspot.com/ . Though now i am not working in struts projects now, so there are some to do list still pending. Thank you.
Hi daniel, exactly i dont know how this plug-in behaves in netbeans 7.0 as i am still using netbeans 6.9.1 . May be they have not updated the plug-in for netbeans 7.0 yet. If you want you can download version 9.6 and use this plug-in.
From your post the exact requirement isnt clear. Still as far as i understand, you want to design a page where there is some sort of button which will show you both username and password and let you change the password. For that you can add an edit button which will fetch the username and password from the database and populate that in the respective text field. Then you can put new values into these text field and by clicking the submit button the same will again be persisted into the database. But if you are new to Struts, then you should go for some introductory tutorial just to make yourself familiar with the technology. Hope this will help.
8 years ago
As far as i understand OGNL itself is an Expression Language. The only difference is OGNL is much sophisticated then the plain EL. I think there is some mechanism through which you can use the Plain EL instead of OGNL but i am not sure of that, and in struts 2 there is really no need of doing that.
8 years ago
you can post the project structure here. From the error it seems there is no .tld below the WEB-INF folder. First check the physical structure of your project and verify it.
8 years ago
From your post i assume perhaps what you want is some sort of plug-in which will do the library adding work and other stuffs automatically for you. If that is the case, then you can check my previous posting here - http://www.coderanch.com/t/510771/vc/Struts-Netbeans.

Hope that solves your problem. If not feel free to post.
8 years ago
i am using netbeans 6.9.1 and i downloaded the latest plug-in for struts 2 from this NetBeans Plug-in Central. Its works fine for me . You may also try it.
I have an interesting observation to make here, may be an outrageous one! So all of us assume that we are moving forward in time to the future. But this is still to be verified. We still do not know how this universe is created or who created it or if it started with a bang from nothing or from something we dont know yet. So my question is what if we are moving backward in time while we actual thinking that we are moving forward ? May be there is someone who controls all this creation or destruction things or may be there is no one and we are on our own. The question is what is the definitive proof is that we are moving forward? I am saying about the big picture here, the time of our universe not our individual life time. While it seems that we are moving forward from birth to death in our life time, the whole universe or the things that covers the universe may be going backward. Any thought about this? Or it simply a mad man's rambling. Laugh Out Loud.
8 years ago
By support i mean the IDE completion support and drag and drop support for taglibs. Also the graphical config support for both struts and hibernate which i am very much used now via the JBoss Tools in eclipse. Then i think i should go for spring ide in my existing eclipse configuration, so that i can have support from both the world. My requirement is struts front end with hibernate and spring for back end things.
i have downloaded Spring Sources Tool and now i want to know if this IDE supports Struts 1.x and Hibernate out of the box. Previously i was using Eclispe galileo with JBOSS Tools, so there was pretty much everything there out of the box except spring. Or should i add Spring IDE to my Eclipse galileo? Please help. Thank you.

hem kumar wrote:The problem has been solved sometimes ago. So instead of keeping the hibernate.cfg.xml in any folder, we should keep it in the source folder which can be found if right clicked on the project name in eclipse. Below is a screen shot for clarification. By that eclipse will automatically load it into classpath and the errors like class not found and InitializerExceptions wont occur. Thank you all.

No, its not working in the way you described. Even i modified the hdscanner-jboss-bean.xml and change the default value to 500 ms , still its not working. Any other solution??
9 years ago