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Rajesh Panchal

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since Sep 06, 2005
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Recent posts by Rajesh Panchal

I am also confused as lot many opportunities in Finance companies r coming with requirement in latest technology, I also dont know how much they pay for dot net professional with 2.5 yr as my current sal is 3.5 .
15 years ago
Hi Manish
What U say about the L&T Infotech Navi Mumbai(Mhape)
Is that also same as in Pune.

My Friend was in L&T mhape
He also says that they bad work culture harsh work.
But they r having god onsite opportunity.

As he was joined for the Dot net Architect
they want him to work on low end coding also in any Technology.

They really dot care of people.
16 years ago
DO you want to say that those finance based companies
dont provide onsite opportunities.
As through the consultant I come to know that they also
provide opportunities for onsite.
16 years ago
As Jp Morgans they hav only 3000 people thoughout the world In IT.
Is that the good option.
16 years ago
Myself Abhijit

Currenlty I am Getting lot of interview calls from
the few finance based organization like HSBC,JP Morgans.

As I am currently working with MNC IT Company where there r very less chances of getting onsite opportunity. Should I try for such organiztions
do they really provies onsite oportunities as they r paying handsome salaries
lot of people getting attracted towards them.

What is the future of s/w engineers in those companies. An salary growth.
As i also heard that thy wont give much growth as IT companies r giving.

Need Sugession
16 years ago
How much they r offering U and for what technogy and Experience.
Do u had talk with them regarding Onsite opp.
16 years ago
Aother Option is Few
very small companies having 300
strenght in US but 50 people in
India assuring onsite opportunity
once in year.
Is that the better opportunity than these
Big MNC who provide very rare foreign
Onsite Exposure will provides better
strenght to me in Technology and finnacially.
16 years ago
I already had a talk with them
they told me I have to work on that project only otherwise
put paper on that day itself when i talk to them,

as i ALSO HAD A Talk with pm he gives us a temporray work
in dot net but that wont go for more than 1 months as most
of us working on that project have 2,3 yr esp in dot net
still working on vb due to compulsion.

They told me they will move me toanother project only if they
get replacement with vb skills I never shown my vb skills.

And also they dont have new projects as most of the projects
have already been canceled still few will be coming in
4,5 months.

Nothing is confirmed.
16 years ago
I s this happen s to every company and dont u think going back to technnology for which Mickrosoft stop providing support and working on it for another 2 yr won't harm my prospectus.

The project in which I am working very less chances r there that also for max months not much this is company policy they told us after joining here.

Is this happen in ur Company, what is ur 's company.
16 years ago
Can any body help me out
16 years ago
I have Experience of 2 yr in Dot net
Can Eny body Suggest me the which on
is preferable considering the onsite
and salary wise.

How much these companies pay for
2 yr emp in C#.
16 years ago
As My B.E is already from Computer Engineering
And I want to remain in IT field only
Should I go for Systems or Finance, Or Combination of Syste, and Finance.
What u feel about Colleges like JBIMS; Somaiya ;
16 years ago
Hi this is Abhijit Nikam

My Qualification is B.E in Computer Engineering
Working as a software engineer from last 2 Yrs.

I am planning to go for MBA Part Time.
I dont know what will be its market value compared to Full time MBA.

Also What sort of benefits I will get in Future.
Or My Qualification is Better to stay in IT Industry.
[ September 28, 2005: Message edited by: Abhijit Nikam ]
16 years ago