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Recent posts by Byju Joy

a.b translates to E.b as enum elements are implemented as static fields.
Source: Devaka ExamLab practise 2. Q 31

UK English locale is created using
However explanation given in exam lab suggests

The original question is about first parameter of Locale constructor - the language parameter. Still suggestion on country code is misleading.
...sometimes we end up replying to a really old posts. More so when google takes us to an old post. I don't think one may dig 5 years of discussion threads to hyperlink his blog URL.
14 years ago
ICAN has recently announced non-Latin support for URLs as well.

... is it now wastage? in the method declaration, <K> is different from the <K> defined at the class level.

public abstract <V extends K> void method()

Here type variable declared is V, and K is supposed to be declared at previously at class level. Right?

fathima haglur wrote:Hi all,as i am going to take the scjp 310-055 on this saturday that is October 10 2009.

Well, not enough time and options available.. go for SCJP 5. Take a break, and come back for SCJP 6 in a month or so.

Siva Masilamani wrote:it works in VISTA.

It didn't work in Vista, for me. Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1.

ExamLab uses Microsoft Jet driver which in turn does something naughty with windows regsitry, system dll files etc.

Henry Wong wrote:
So, since Java doesn't know what it is, and must type check it... it has two options. One, it can allow only objects that IS-A Dog, IS-A Animal, and IS-A Object (all the possible types at the same time). Or Two, it can reject the operation. At "this line", it took the second option, at the line before "this line", it took the first option.


... what's the criteria for selecting any of these two options?


String test = String.format("hello", "world");
//Output: hello

String test = String.format("hello %s", "world");
//Output: hello world

Regex is not what expected in first parameter. It can be a sequence of format specifiers appearing in a string with syntax: %[argument_index$][flags][width][.precision]conversion

Assignment of d2 happens 'after' the break call. That means when loop breaks d2 will have value of second last iteration TH, not F.
Runnable interface has only one method, public void run(). Even if the runnable object has a public void start() method, it doesn't get into picture. But the if Thread object has a public void start() it does come into picture and affect how thread is submitted for run.