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shailja mishra

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since Mar 06, 2001
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Recent posts by shailja mishra

I m working with the IBM Websphere Enterpirse version 4.0.I have a problem.. Can it be started as a service?
I m facing a problem, as per the documentation , I have scheduled in the schedules task for starting it automatically as the server boots.. but it creates some problem.
Even if we refresh the war files & start & stop websphere 2-3 times.. it's javac.exe(task manager) process gets killed automatically..There is nothing in the error log of the websphere.
importing .war and then deleteing & creating application is very frequent operation.. So it is very important to solve the problem.
can anybody tell me what's the problem? why does the javac.exe gets killed automatically?
thanx in advance
19 years ago
I m getting an errorof too many client tasks.. & then the server stops working properly..
Is that the initial number of the users exceeds that supported by the Tomcat.
the no. of simultaneous users are about 30 -40.
It has only one application to run & that application is an intranet application.
Please guide me how to overcome this problem
19 years ago
I got to develop the site as a bilingual english & in german. I want to develop the site in english .
Is there any method by which I can convert the site into german by means of using any of the HTML tag's attribute..& if yes then is there any specific requirement?
The other way can be by using database of the translated words & then dynamically get the whole thing translated.. But I don't want to go thru that..
Please help me.
Thanx in advance

I am using Tomcat for JSP & servlet.
Tomcat make a seperate folder by the name of the application where it
stores all the jsp's complied class files.
As the jsp page is complied once & then there after it's class files
are used.
I m using jsp:bean & in that bean I m passing a parameter & thereafter
I get the vector thru which I show up the jsp page.
Problem is that in case of the multiple users accessing the same jsp
page the o/p remains the same ie the result retrieved is on the basis
of the previous parameter .
Is this the problem related to the tomcat server storing the jsp
complied class files(in the 'work' folder of tomcat) or the is this the
problem of the IE cache.
If so how can I forbid IE to store cache.
plz help...
19 years ago
I have a problem.I got the user defined type of variale in MS SQL for a filed 'material_qty' the data type of the field is of type 'QTY' which is an integer.
when I an retieving it through rs.getInt('material_qty') then it gives an exception -'Invalid descriptor Index'.Can you please help me & let me know that how should I retrive such user defined data types.
Thanx in advance