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This thread is couple of years old. If I am planning to do this exam, from this thread I can see that I could complete all 3 stages without any pre-requisites, but I won't be able to get the official certificate until I follow a course from Oracle training. Am I correct? Is this information up to date?
hi all,

if i dont specify anywhere abt ELIgnored... will it be ignored... i basically ignored the tag and the attribute in the page directive. and my EL statements were ignored...
sorry guys... i found it... it comes with the normal J2EE
hi all,

to start doing Classic Tags and Simple Tags u need to have a package called

where can i get this from?
Thanks peter... to making this a successful thread...
hi all,

in one of the questions in (Enthuware) questions i saw in one solution for registration of listeners they have given that

HttpSessionBindingListener and
HttpSessionActivationListener dont have to be configured in the DD...

but in the HFSJ book page 261 says that HttpSessionActivationListener has to be registered... please clear my doubt and please let me know which listeners should be configured and which shouldnt be ...


Charith I Fernando
hi all... wanted to ask something abt the HFSJ book...

ISBN 80-7366-403-X

this is the ISBN of the book....

does this prepare u for the 310-081 exam??? or 080?
yes i think regarding the page 184 question and the answer on page 206 is a printing mistake...

it should be


as methods of the servletRequestListener

refer to page 182... the answers are there.....
hi all,

i think we need some professional help on this matter.. i read somewhere that the default value for body-content in classic tags is JSP... this is the confusing point...

if i can i'll try to find that link....
this is exactly my problem....

Tag files the default is scriptless....

Classic Tags the default is JSP

but in simple Tags what is the default??? coz there's the option of not putting that element in the TLD file...
hi guys....

in the Simple Tag handler what are the valid values in the body-content tag and what is the default value??

cant u put JSP code in the body of a simple tag?
can i have some good suggestions please.......

i'm ready buy if it is really good
what i was referring was ... if i go for a job interview what sort of questions can they ask about SWING?
15 years ago
hi all,

what sort of questions can you ask from Swing? about the concept


15 years ago