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Recent posts by Vasu Reddy


Are you an Indian?
18 years ago

Originally posted by M Movilogo:
Often these companies doctor their own employees CVs to make it acceptable to clients for onsite visit

I agree with you. After reading provided link, i am getting laugh.

Did these software companies (Indian) paying taxes correctly. Didn't they bribe to improve their business. Didn't HR people tell lies while getting project. Then whats the wrong in fake CV's.

Did you ever think about HR people (IT Company) telling lies to get projects. If the company did then it is fine, even we dont talk about it because we need a job. This is our mentality thats why our country is like that.

Not related to the subject, but:

I am really wondering why the indian government(s) offering lot of free lands and other stuff to these IT Indian companies. How many people are getting profit from it; are they ( Owners like Moorthy or Prem Ji) paying any thing to develop country. How many people are there in India without home and food.

This is the problem with our Indian mentality; thats why british people ruled us more than 200 years. Now the few Idiot business people are ruling us indirectly.

18 years ago
Hello Chris,

Look if i am that person, i never afraid about this type of things.

How ?


Reason 2:- I think they are far better than indian jails. No mosquitos
.Important thing, I never get a dream(s) to think about
logic(s) for my project.

Reason 3:- The best in my life, i can escape from my girl friend,
for which i am trying for years.

The reason to come to meaningless drive, my friend was worried and asked me about online trading and told the problem. Even i have less knowledge about tradings. I can find people from european countries in our ranchers hut.

He already consult a lawyer and complianed to local police that some body was misusing his personal data.

I was really worrying about your advice taking JAVA (not only java any other IT...) books to prision. I think you are not my well wisher.

Anyway thanks.


18 years ago
Hi KJ,

Thank you, nice one. I think it gives some ideas how to handle the question
"Tell me about you ?"


18 years ago

he will be going onsite (Germany)

Correct, you will get onsite chances to Germany
18 years ago
Thanks for giving some advices.
18 years ago

I am sorry for typo mistaken.

The letter he got is from some department which responsible for this pirated and other goods stuff (I think this is some thing like Vigilence department in India). This letter came from other department which is in some other city.

He has to attend this enquiry session in few days.

Please tell me what are the documents to take with him, to show that he didn't do any online business. In my previous post i mentioned some of proofs which we have.

thanks in advance.
18 years ago

one of my friend is in a problem, that is done by other stupid(s) in internet.

The Problem:-

My friend is living in european country.

Some body has used his address and name (don't know may be he or she used other details) in internet to do online business (this we are suspecting after getting letter from police). I think some one has sold goods. Now the problem is the police people asked him to come for interview.

he got a letter from police that pirated goods were being sold. so he has to attend for interview.

He didn't get any money to his bank acounts except his salary and he didn't transfer money to any other accounts except to his brother account. He didn't recieve any goods or letters to his address.

But we are wondering how the police people call him, instead of catching the person who did it (I mean the person we got money and did business )

We are requesting you to give some advice, what can happen.

because we have very less knowledge in online business and my fiend even can not speak local language.

Thanks in advance.
18 years ago

Knock the door at midnight. It teach a lot.

In india it works fine as per my knowledge.


Vasu Reddy
18 years ago
Hi Khan,

I am also trying for it. If you find the solution, please share, it would be useful.

18 years ago
Hi ak,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

with best,
18 years ago
Thanks joe,

Colud any one let me know. how Indian companies consider the above experience.

Thank you,
18 years ago

from 1 year experience person one can not expect any thing. if you have 1 year experience means the companies consider that you know about companies working environment and more over you know formalities in project development (i.e, like weekly review meetings,.....).

But in freshers case the first 6 months will go for learning all those things.

Above all are from my personal point of view.

18 years ago

A small doubt about considering experience;

I have been working in various projects as a hours basis contract, but the organizations are very good. ofcourse apart from this 1 yr as junior java developer, few years ago.

1. 17 months - Research Assistant
A research project
Java, J2EE and XML technologies

2. 16 months - Research Assistant, R&D organization
Java, J2ME, Voice XML, XML technologies

3. 9 moths - A Largest steel producing company in europe
Software Engineer, part time contract
java/j2ee, xml technologies

The above all are hours basis contracts, not full time contracts.
2 and 3 are at the same time (period).

In which way the companies consider this experience.
18 years ago
Hi replace the for loop with this;

for (int y = 0; y < g ; y=y+5) {

int counter = 0;
for (int z = y ; z <g ; z++) {
counter = counter +1;
System.out.println(" : "+y+" : "+result[z]);

if(counter == 5)

18 years ago