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Recent posts by luis veron

I think sun was expecting people to use the first constructor in conjunction with the conversion tool. But since lately when sun modified the instruction.html and the .jar file (assignment), they just provided us the db.db. No need to create a conversion tool
Congrats man..good luck!
Hava a question.. Did you implemented the booking flight at the server class? If yes, Did you have 2 remote object avail when conected to the network?
Thanks for your help..
To those who chose to put the "book flight" logic at the server side, were you able to provide the public method of the Data class to the client? Can you give some suggestion/tips on how I can this?
Ruilin thanks for your reply...
I understand that part that if your going to put the booking intheserver, the "flight class" should be the only one object available (remote). My question now is, how can we implement the public methods of the Data class in this case? I think when you put the logic (bboking) in the server, the public method of the Data class is not needed here anymore. Does it make sense?
Someone can advise me here?
anyone out there wiling to answer my inquiry?
your reply will be truly appriciated.
Thanks in advanced
Thanks Alek!
Yeah, I think you're right that halting the client apps is not a good idea. But I think the users should be informed also that the connection is closed (cut), something like that so that they will not try to request a search/booking.
Just my thought.
Just want to inquire to those who decided to put the "booking flight" at the server side. Does in means you created 2 remote objects, 1 for the Data instance and another for the "Flight" class that contains the booking method.
Appriciate very much your reply here.
Currently, I am in the process of sorting out my "exception handling" in my assignment. Just wan't to asked you guys on how did you handle remote exceptions. I have just read the RMI specs and noticed that there were a lot of exception hat can happen my invoking a remote method/invocations. Do you just display a message to the client that there were some problem connecting (and need to try again later) or do you just "halt" (Syste.exit()) the apps. Is there a better way to solve this kind of scenario?
I really appriciate your reply.
hi paul, thanks for your reply! I really appriciate your answer...
Regarding the link that you have there in your reply, it seems that your involved in some kind of "helping-hand" kind of group, specifically to tackle the assignment towards obtaining the scjd title..Just want to ask you a question Paul;
>Do you think you're really helping he/she to be a good programmer, I mean those people who will/have already buy any services/package (in jar file I suppose)?
And to all those people who will/have already buy this services, can you ask yourself too? (only If you have read this article I think...)
a bit disappointed,
any comments/suggestion out there?
glad if you can write a line or two...just want to have some insights here...
still, thank you very much
Just want to have some feedback regarding my data implementation;
> One thing bothering me is my design on data and "business logic" class..In my design, I have 2 calls requesting for a remote access; data class and "business logic" that will access the data class. In my assignment, there was a line stating that all public methods of the data class should be available to th client..Ok fine..I implemented the way they want;
But knowing that the Data class shouldn't (IMO) be accessed directly, I implemented something like a "business logic" class...But then, I noticed that I need 2 remote invocation to succeed in my chosen design.. Is it something I need to change or can someone advise me on the implication of this kind of framework..
Thanks for your support
Congratulations David!
Just a quick question;
> How many class (.java programs) does your whole assignment have?
> Where did your put your "book a flight" logic, client or in server?
Hope you have a very good career in the future...Thanks
hello again,
I'm having a problem trying to start my command is:
C:\MyDevelopment\initialbldr\classes>java -classpath C:\MyDevelopment\initialbldr\classes;C:\MyDevelopment\initialbldr\classes\sunbldr\client -Djava.rmi.server.codebase=file://
-Djava.rmi.server.hostname= sunbldr.server.RemoteDBServer 2050
the error is:
java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection refused: no further information Connection refused: no further information
at Method)
I started my rmiregistry before executing the above command. I have my java.polcicy defined as "AllPermission". I reckon my ISP have some kind of a firewall (BTW i'm currently connected to the internet).
Is there a way to worked around with this issue..
Glad if you can write a reply..
thanks for the help...Iatleast I fixed it..
hello guys,
when you cal either the client.jar or the server.jar, do we need to include the policy file and codebase options? I tried to cal with and without this option, and it works fine (localhost only). Can someone advise me which one is better?
Hope you can help. Thanks

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