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Recent posts by Mike Holligan

Ah, the laser precision of your question! Have you been able to deduce that
this is the probable cause from other posts on the subject? In which case,
smart fellow! You wouldn't be the channel for deniable feedback, would you?

Of course that's what I didn't do. I checked only at the beginning of the method. I dimly remember (dimly) noticing that there was no "resource not available" condition for my while expression and if I had wondered a little
more and read the posts more carefully, might have fixed this. I guess that
probably explains (and justifies) the tough marking. Assuming that there isn't some other problem which I remain unaware of...

All of this foolishness greatly abetted by not testing properly. I remember reading that some contributors had not even implemented the delete method and passed. This may have influenced my testing to be less than thorough.

I'm still not sure how to feel about this. I suspect that I will be able
to come round to a generous interpretation - an understandable error and a valuable learning experience.
14 years ago
Hello everyone,

Thanks to you all for helping me pass SCJD (UrlyBird). I would just like to share a few of my thoughts and air my frustrations.

I used sockets rather than RMI because I wanted to learn something about it.
This was a perverse decision in terms of passing the exam. Although superficially straightforward, it is lots more work. I felt like I had dug a big hole for myself and then had to climb out. I was rather worried that I would have to give somewhat less than truthful reasons for this choice and I'm always unhappy about that. If I had been less lazy, I would have then scrapped that solution and patched in an RMI replacement. Anyway I seem to have got away with it. In fact my server got full marks (just like everyone

I also amused myself at my own expense by having my GUI do things which were
not really required - table sorting, limits on number of records returned,
options for case-insensitive and prefix searching, undo only your own bookings, dialog to cancel slow responses etc. I probably got away less well with this with 31/40.

For the database, I went over the top again with in-memory indexes on name and location and full (efficient, I believed) solutions for create, delete etc. Once again I escaped with full marks.

My documentation was perfect (!) and my OO design acceptable on all sides at 25/30.

Overall considerations at 85/100 would seem to be a little below par. Perhaps I was punished for some of the self-indulgence which caused my
solution to be rather big and certainly way beyond what I had expected would be needed from reading Habibi, Patterson and Camerlengo.

So far I am pleased enough, I had given myself a tough time and survived.

Then the big irritation. 44/80 for locking strikes again. I spent a fair time reading your many contributions on this. This was initially very helpful in getting (what I thought was) a sound picture of what was to be
achieved. It began to seem straightforward. I then set to work and came up with a design. I was somewhat surprised at how intricate this needed to be in order to meet the "consume no cycles" requirement and not allow stuck locks. I looked for standard solutions (I have the O'Reilly threads book) and did not find one. Finally I was proud of my implementation which I tested carefully. If anything I thought it was probably too good and might
be marked down for extravagance. (70 out of 80 sort of thing).

But no. Just like so many, I got 44 out of 80. Am I correct in thinking that there is no answer to this puzzle? It happens to lots of people and we don't know why? I'm left wondering if:

a. I fell foul of some narrow technicality which doesn't matter much. Press on regardless.
b. I made some understandable error that I should learn from. I should spend some time on this.
c. I fall short of some essential quantum of capability which is beyond my
comprehension. I should accept my limitations and move on.

The result is a rather poor pass overall which I don't feel very proud of. Everything else I am happy with - I feel it reflects my knowledge, abilities and perversities. I also feel that this was a worthy assignment and not at all trivial. It would have been deeply satisfying to have done well in it.
Ah well, I suppose I could seek redress with SCJD 1.5. But life may be too short.

Regards to all...
14 years ago