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Recent posts by S Dongan

Thanks Ben.

I tried and it worked like a charm.

Originally posted by Ben Souther:
Have a look at the API for the PrintWriter and the FileOutputStream

14 years ago
Here is the first few lines...

14 years ago
No. I do not want to save it client's machine directly. I want to save it in the server /var/www/files/ location.
14 years ago

Here is the requirements.

Fetch the values from table (around 60000 records), and export them into CSV file and store the file in local drive.

I have written servlet to to this and it is working fine expect saving the file in local drive. At the moment, it is asking to save as in local drive. i want to save the file automatically in particular path. Below is the code.

14 years ago
Hi All,

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Please let me know if anything is wrong on this advertisement.

Thank you.
15 years ago
Hi ,

thank you for your reply. so ,i tried to compile mod_jk source and getting error message. I downloaded jakarta-tomcat-connectors-1.2.15-src.tar file and uploaded in the server

Logged in SSH terminal as a root and supplied the following commands to build

Step 1) export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_09
Step 2) export CATALINA_HOME=/opt/tomcat4/

Step 3) tar -xzvf jakarta-tomcat-connectors-

step 4) cd jakarta-tomcat-connectors-

step 5) ./configure --with-axps=/usr/sbin/axps

at this stage, i am getting an error message

checking for vsnprintf... yes
checking for flock... yes
checking for setsockopt in -lsocket... no
checking whether to use SO_RCVTIMEO with setsockopt()... yes
checking whether to use SO_SNDTIMEO with setsockopt()... yes
no apxs given
checking for target platform... unix
no apache given

Do i have to supply any other arguments with configure command?

any help much appreciated.
[ April 28, 2006: Message edited by: S Dongan ]
15 years ago
Hi all,

i am having a lot of trouble finding documents on integrating apache with tomcat. Here is what i have so far:

1) latest version of apache installed: http://www.mywebsite.com works and serves up whatever static html i have(such as index.html)

2) latest version of tomcat installed: http://www.mywebsite.com:8080/test/test.jsp works after i deployed test.war file to tomcat.

3) http://www.mywebsite.com/test/test.jsp does NOT work.

I understand i need to integrate tomcat with apache using something called mod_jk module and configure file changes. Here are my questions

1) to download the mod_jk(?) i went to this page: http://www.apache.org/dist/tomcat/to...nux/jk-1.2.14/

It has two files:
jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk-1.2.14-linux-sles9-x86_64-prefork.so 29-Jul-2005 03:58 538K
jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk-1.2.14-linux-sles9-x86_64-worker.so 29-Jul-2005 04:01 545K

Which one do i download? what's the difference? do i need both?

2) after i download the file to my linux box, where do i put it? do i need to rename it to something else?

3) what are the configure files i need to change, on the apache side? on the tomcat side?

any other steps to make this work? please list the steps and not just a link.
15 years ago

Just upload the tomcat files in the location/directory where to you want to install.

Untar the files.

set CATALINA_HOME and JAVA_HOME vaiable in shell


export JAVA_HOME="/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_10";
export CATALINA_HOME="/opt/jakarata-tomcat-4.1.31";
15 years ago
Thank u very much. Will try it out today and let u all know the result.
16 years ago
Hello All,

I want to deploy my application in someother location rather than webapps directory in Tomcat.

I installed Apache Tomcat 4.1.31 (C:/tomcat4.1.31) and Apache web server 2.0.46 (C:/apache2046). I keep my projects at projects (E:/Projects) directory. I have both PHP and Java projects. I have configured PHP projects to run straightway by creating Virtual hosts at Apache web server. They are all working fine. Now, i have placed my new java project, PortalJobs at E:/Projects/PortalJobs. I also created a project, PortalJobs in Eclipse for E:/Projects/PortalJobs and the workspace is also the same location of the project. Now, What i do is I compile the class files and place them at webapps/PortalJobs/WEB-INF/classes/com/PortalJobs/core/ to run my JSP files. It works perfectly.

Now, i am tired of copying files from my project directory to Webapps directory each time after compilation and also making changes in JSP files for testing my application. Is there any way to keep my files at E:/Project/PortalJobs and run them strightway without moving files to WebApps like Virtual Host in Apache? i.e Deploying an application in different directory rather than the traditional one, WEBAPPS.

I am totally newbie in Tomcat and could anyone guide step by step. I am in a beginner level when it comes to Tomcat. But, For Apache, i am in intermediate level.

Thank you.
16 years ago
I was having it on my mind and will try to work it out. Thanks..
[ October 21, 2005: Message edited by: S Dongan ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by Ben Souther:

Looks like it can't find one of your classes.
Maybe you missed some when shipping the app to the server?

Yeah. Finally, i made it. You are right. I missed one class and traced out. Thank you for your help.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Ben Souther:

Looks like it can't find one of your classes.
Maybe you missed some when shipping the app to the server?

similarly , i receive many exceptions. i am sure i have't missed anything to the server.

anyother suggestions? anyway, i will upload the files again.
[ October 17, 2005: Message edited by: Dongan S ]
16 years ago
Hello All,

I receive the following error in index.jsp file. Actually, it is working in my local machine correctly. But, in the server, it generates an error. But, the database version is different in the server. Will it be the cause?

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP

An error occurred at line: 184 in the jsp file: /index.jsp
Generated servlet error:
/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/xxxxxx.com/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/work/Catalina/localhost/project1/org/apache/jsp/index_jsp.java:233: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class Country
location: class org.apache.jsp.index_jsp
if(getServletContext().getAttribute("CountryCollection")==null) getServletContext().setAttribute("CountryCollection",new Country().getAllObjectsCollection());

Thank you for your help.

16 years ago