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I have been building ecommerce and other applications for a couple decades.

My language of choice is Java, although I've done a lot with C++ and a few other languages.

I blog about programming languages, software, cryptocurrency, along with other technology topics. I also have a website that I call Prosperopedia: "the handbook for success, happiness, and prosperity".
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Murfreesboro, TN
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Recent posts by Richard Robbins

It looks like this isn't a popular topic, but I did some research (using Google Bard, the new AI) and found this...

Here are some popular blockchains written using the Java language:

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain written in Java and is known for its smart contract platform. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that can be used to automate transactions.
IOTA is a feeless blockchain that is designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions. IOTA is often used for the Internet of Things (IoT).
NEM is a blockchain that is designed for enterprise use. NEM offers a variety of features, such as asset tokenization and decentralized applications.
Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework that is designed for enterprise use. Hyperledger Fabric is open source and is backed by a consortium of companies, including IBM, Intel, and JPMorgan Chase.
NEO is a blockchain that is designed for China. NEO offers a variety of features, such as smart contracts and asset tokenization.
Corda is a blockchain platform that is designed for enterprise use. Corda is open source and is backed by a consortium of companies, including R3 and Santander.
Quorum is a fork of Ethereum that is designed for enterprise use. Quorum is open source and is backed by a consortium of companies, including JPMorgan Chase and ConsenSys.
Hyperledger Sawtooth is a blockchain framework that is designed for enterprise use. Hyperledger Sawtooth is open source and is backed by a consortium of companies, including Intel and Linux Foundation.
Hyperledger Indy is a blockchain framework that is designed for self-sovereign identity. Hyperledger Indy is open source and is backed by a consortium of companies, including Sovrin Foundation and IBM.
1 year ago
Hey Everyone,

I'm doing some research on the use of Java to write crypto code (either the blockchain or coins/tokens that exist on a blockchain). Do y'all know of any cryptocurrency that is written in the Java language?
1 year ago
Hi preethi,
When I'm doing a quick check to verify that a POST has been received by the server, I tend to simplify my code, for instance only sending one variable. The payment module should have an API function you can call (it should send a simple "OK" type of response) simply to verify that you're making the call correctly. If your code isn't working, I'd recommend that you try one of those two options.
Hi Ramnna, Depending upon what level of integration you need, you could use Joomla! for your content management system. There is a Wrapper module available in Joomla! that would allow you to encapsulate Java functionality in the Joomla! CMS framework. I don't believe there can be any real interaction between the Java code and the php-based Joomla! code, but if you simply want to display a web functionality that was developed in Java on a php-based CMS, you might want to give this option a try. Good luck.
15 years ago
Does anyone know of a good open source shopping cart system based on Java that is comparable to php-based Zen-Cart or Magento? I have been running a few stores on Zen-Cart, and I recently started playing with Magento. I know that there are lots of reasons for open source ecommerce applicatios being built with php rather than jsp/servlets (easier coding, better performance, etc.), but I'm wondering whether there is anything out there that is Java-based that competes with those kinds of php-based shopping cart systems.
15 years ago
I had an interview with Micron in Utah to become an engineer, and it turned into a strange test of wits. The questions were mostly mind puzzles, and the interviewers (yes, there were a few of them) kept having a difficult time asking questions about "If I had two black hats, one white hat, and..." I found it to be pretty funny when they kept stopping and saying, "Wait, now I'm confused." The whole series of interviews lasted close to three hours. By the end my mind was almost on fire. Maybe I should have walked out, but I got the job in the end, and it worked out okay...for six months anyway.
17 years ago
This is interesting information. It seems there is always more outsourcing being done in software development. I worked in Shanghai, China recently, and I was with a company that was hiring about 30 software engineers each week doing contract work for AutoDesk. I was impressed at how quickly the engineers caught on after only three months of training. Even though their college educations weren't nearly as rigorous as American engineers, they were able to quickly catch on to .NET and other technologies they had to use to compete. Are we going to see the end of software development in the U.S.?
17 years ago
Hi saikrishna,
It looks like there have been a host of various answers to your question about where to place the database connection code. Maybe a little word of advice from my experience will be helpful. When I'm writing a Java application, I determine where to handle the database connection and SQL statements based upon how complex the application is and how helpful it is to reuse the database code (which usually dependent upon the complexity of the application). For instance, I have seen programmers abstract database and other reusable code in simple applications so much that it becomes more difficult to find what's going on with the database connection than it is to accomplish what you want with it in the first place. On the other hand, if you have to keep opening and closing connections and manually handling the details and worrying about how many DB connections are open, you will probably want to follow the suggestions here about automated connection pooling.

Hope that helps some.
17 years ago
Hello friends,
My company has recently developed a search tool for scrapbookers to find scrapbooking supplies from multiple online retailers. If you have a spare minute, would you mind taking a look at and give me some feedback on it. We are interested in knowing, especially for those who do some scrapbooking, whether the tool is useful and what changes could be made to it to increase its usability.
18 years ago
Hello Everyone. I have been developing for more than a year now. I am interested in feedback from some of you regarding its usefulness. You can just go there an browse, or you can check out any of the following sports product categories, which are listed on the site:
  • Baseball and Softball Equipment
  • Basketball Equipment
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Fitness and Exercise Equipment
  • Football Equipment
  • Men's and Women's Gymnastics Equipment
  • Running and Jogging Supplies
  • Soccer Equipment
  • Volleyball Equipment

  • I am looking for feedback on the layout and navigation of the site. Thanks for your input.
    18 years ago
    Hello everyone,
    I have a new online business ( retailing hiking, camping, and climbing equipment. Right now I am using a host ( that allows users to create eCommerce sites using templates that are hard to customize. I am looking to do a new version of the site in Java (Servlets, JSP). I need access to a database (for obvious reasons), a shopping cart functionality, and other eCommerce features. I am on a very limited budget. Does anyone have experience with what free or cheap tools are available (databases, web servers, Gantt chart programs, secure servers,etc.) to develop a professional website that won't cost me more than the time I spend coding and integrating the system?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    21 years ago
    Thanks for the feedback Jamie and Cindy. What about the prices? Did you find them competitive?
    22 years ago
    Hello Everyone!
    My brother and I just opened a new online retail business, and I would like some feedback. We are selling computer accessories, camping and hiking equipment, sporting goods, and automotive accessories. Check out the site, and let me know what you think. Right now we only have camping and hiking equipment, but we will have the others soon. Any suggestions on what computer needs exist would be appreciated. We will find whatever parts people are looking for, and we will have them avaialable on the site. The url is Random Deals .

    (edited by Cindy to fix link)
    [ June 04, 2002: Message edited by: Cindy Glass ]
    22 years ago
    I am dynamically creating an image in an HTML document using "nextImage = document.createElement( "img" )", and I would like to be able to add event handlers that apply to this image (onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout). Whenever I add the code: "nextImage.setAttribute( "onmouseover", "swapImage()" )", nothing happens when I mouse over the image. Is is possible to add an event handler to a dynamically created element using setAttribute or any other DOM method?
    As a note, I tried using an anchor as the image's parent, and that allowed me to use setAttribute( "href", "javascript:...") as a substitute for onclick, but I don't want the image to be the child of an anchor, and I still have the problem of rotating images for onmouseover and onmouseout events. Is there an expert out there who is more familiar with this than I am and can help out?
    I need to be able to dynamically insert or delete a row from a table using (preferably) client-side JavaScript. I am generating a report that enables a user to add filters. When the user clicks the add button, a new row appears. If the user clicks the remove button for a filter that has been added, that row should disappear. Thanks in advance for any help. --Richard Robbins