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Recent posts by Kim Lauwers

Hi everybody,

I have a maven2 question:

I have this pom file:

Now I want to have mule version 1.4.4 AND mule version 2.1.2 on my classpath. But because of the fact that the groupid and artifactid are the same. Maven only puts the the first one on my classpath.
Can this be fixed?

Greetings Kim.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Jeffry Kristianto Yanuar:
I think most of the candidates use ActionListener. You just decide how to use the ActionListener.

I implement inner classes that implements ActionListener such as BookButtonListener, SearchButtonListener, ExitButtonListener, etc. Judging from its name, you can figure out what the functionality of these classes.

Thanks for the reply. I use the same kind of namingconvention as you, but I never user inner classes. A always create a new class/file. This is my personnal favor, but I don't know if there is another reason to use inner classes or not.

What the difference between the two?
Which one should i favor?

Here what I think / know

  • Is an extension of the ActionListener
  • Abstraction of a command, where no UI component is linked at.
  • You can use different UI components with the same action.
  • Pays the price on memory and performance.

  • I always use actions and this because the assignment says:

    Your user interface should be designed with the expectation of future functionality enhancements, and it should establish a framework that will support this with minimal disruption to the users when this occurs.

    So action are the best I think.

    Or have I a wrong vision?

    Congrats with your great result.

    As I didn't expect I lost marks in GUI which makes me regret not putting more usability features in the UI (and my work domain is UI ).

    What do you mean this, I mean I have the assigment URLyBird and the demands for GUI are so simple. I don't know sure what you mean by usability features? I'm afraid if you do something, you will lose points for making it to difficult / to wide.

    13 years ago
    I think both options are great.

    1) Keeping in memory (that's what I do)
    2) Always closing and opening the file.

    It just depends on how you motivate your choice in choices.txt.

    I motivate, that I think the database will never grow to that size, It's to big to keep in memory.


    Originally posted by Alecsandru Cocarla:
    Why do you need to know how many rows are in the database?

    You're right, my mistake

    May I let Eclipse generate the serial ID or do I really have to use the date?

    If not:
    I read that you must use the current time. So would this be good:
    private static final long serialVersionUID = new Date().getTime();

    Thank you,

    I probably will only support update and search on the GUI, but implement the complete back-end.

    Hi Guys,

    Another question. Below a simplified view of my data layer.

    DBAccess is the given interface from the assigment

    So I have a class RoomRepository, which I use in my GUI. This class works with HotelRooms. My repository does the convertion from a HotelRoom to a String[]. I have a Field in this class of type Data (which is the given interface). The class Data implements the given interface and requires String[]. My Data contains a basic cache. My Data-class also contains a variable of type FlatAccessFile. The FlatAccessFile does the actual read and write operations on my RandomAccessFile.

    Now for a JTable I need to know how many rows there are in my database. In my case this information is know by the FlatAccessFile. But eventually my roomRepository needs this knowledge. How can I give this information to the repository.

    1) May I add methods to the DBAccess interface? a method getRowcount or something like that?

    2) I can add the the method to Data-class and in my repository use a field dbAccess of type Data and not of the type DBAccess (Given Interface)

    How did you solve this? Has anyone has an opion at this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    [ November 25, 2008: Message edited by: Kim Lauwers ]
    Hi Guys,

    A little question about the URLyBird assignment.

    - The assignment doesn't say you must be able to add a record, but my DBAccess interface has the method to create one. Do you guys implement it, or just put in choices.txt that it was out of scope.

    - For updating, removing, ... a certain record. Is the only view you guys have is the JTable? Or do you create a nice form for updating a certain record?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Mike,

    My code isn't nice modelled, I'm just trying to find out how to read my databasefile.

    In my interface I need to implement I have the method:
    public String[] readRecord(long locationInFile)

    So I assume that this String[] contains all the fields of one record.

    But I just can't seem the read the databasefile correct.

    Alex thanks for the input.

    But I'm having really difficulties with how to read the database file, that is provided with the assignment.

    And if I use a testclass to print the output of the file:

    But I get a none clear output, so it seems that i'm reading my file incorrect.

    Can someone assist me with this?

    Hello everybody,

    I received the assigment for the SCJD Java 5 today.

    But now i'm having problems with starting. I hope you guys can help answering a few questions.

    1. How do I start best with the assignment: Do I start from the GUI and develop from there all that is needed, or do I start with the interface I received from SUN?

    2. I'm having big problems with SUN's interface. Let me explain with an example from the interface:

    How stupid is this interface, do I have to put an fa´┐Żade or so before this interface so my code works with Collections and Objects instead of array's and id's of records?

    3. How do you start with the random access file? Is there a good site or post on the forum, where this topic is cleared out (thinking about concurrency and stuff). And perhaps the most important, is there an editor or so that I can use to read te file?

    Thanks in advance.

    I can't install it.

    It says It can't install on a 16 bit windows system or something

    "The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows appl"

    And yes I have downloaded the windows version