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Recent posts by alwin das

Thank you very much.That was really of great help.
11 years ago
yes thank you very much.

previously i didnt have WEB-INF folder inside my Beer-v1 folder.

but i dont understnd this ...just to call a html page form.html why we need WEB-INF folder.

because once we click submit then only servlet class and DD will come into picture right?so till that it is just a static html load tht why WEB-INF folder is required?
11 years ago
i am trying the code in headfirst java chapter 3
i am stuck on step1:

i have created form.html file and i have put it under tomcat\web-apps\Beer-v1 folder
but after typing http://localhost:8080/Beer-v1\form.html

i get error html page not found.

but if i place the same page under servlet-examples in the webapps folder its working.


evenif i place Beer-v1 under root folder ,everything is workin fine.
my tomcat is running fine .
i am using command prompt for startup and shutdown commands
my tomcat_home is set to c:/tomcat (my installation dir)
catalina_home is set to c:/tomcat

what is going wrong..please help me out.
[ June 25, 2006: Message edited by: alwin das ]
11 years ago
hi, i am new to this forum,
which exam version i should go for scwcd 1.3 or 1.4?
whats the difference ?
Hi Ranchers,
Thanx a lot for all your help and support.i have passed exam 1.4 with 85%.well it was easy but couldnt cross 90.

Which certification should i consider now?scjd or scwcd?

Thanks and Regards.
Alwin Das
11 years ago

why would comment 1 may throw a eception at runtime?

2) though subclass inherits from base class...why we cant assign baseclass refrence to suclass without casting?
1] Are the following statements true?

1)A timeout argument can be passed to join methods
2)join methods needs the InterruptedException in its throws clause like sleep and wait?
3)If execution of the synchronised block completes abruptly, then the lock is released
4)The Thread.sleep method causes the thread to move to the Not-Runnable state
5)Some implementations of the Thread.yield method will not yield to a thread of lower priority

2]if the thread calling wait() method doesnt own the lock then illegalMonitorStateEception is thrown which is unchecked

so does it mean it is runtime eception so can we conclude that
wait() throws runtime exception

3)what is non runnable state? with respect to following question
Which of the following thread state transitions model the lifecycle of a thread?

a. The Dead state to the Ready state
b. The Ready state to the Not-Runnable state
c. The Ready state to the Running state
d. The Running state to the Not-Runnable state
e. The Running state to the Ready state
f. The Not-Runnable state to the Ready state
g. The Not-Runnable state to the Running state

why the run method of class A is called and not of class B

why the o/p is A and not B?

in this code ThreadA contains the main thread and ThreadB has a thread for calculation.

Now when b.start() is called ,the ThreadB enters into synchronised block and has a lock of the object b;
then how can main thread enters into synchronised(b) and wait method is called?

as every object has only one lock and in this case that is aquired by ThreadB so how can main thread can call wait method (as thread must aquire lock on object to call wait method)

please exlplain this..and correct me
i dont understand this.....please explain me this

int a = 4;

output -5...

how is this?

4 means 0100

~ means flip the bits

so 1011

that means -3 how is the o/p -5............?
please explain me this..i dont understand this at all

2) 73>>>3
so convert 73 to binary and then shift to right by 3 and the ans is +ve

this is the right way to solve this kind of problem ...?
hi everyone,
is declaring somthing like this is possible in 1.4?

Short s = 5;
Integer a = 10;

how many min no of mock exam should i take before taking actual exam?

i just had marcus green exam . and i got 90% in the difficulty level of actual exam same or more compared to this exam?
i have solved K&B exercises .

when should i conclude that i am ready for the actual exam?
[ June 15, 2006: Message edited by: alwin das ]
when we say
byte b = 1;

we dont get any compiler error

but look at the following code:

why do i get error at line no 3?

2)does Float class constructor accepts double type arg???
[ June 14, 2006: Message edited by: alwin das ]
thank you very much for the explanation

int is 32 bit and float is also 32 bit

long is 64bit and double is also 64bit

but when i try to assign float value(variable) to int(w/o explicit cast) it gives compile time error same is case with long,when i try to assign double value to long variable(w/o explicit cast),it flags a error.

but when i assign int value to float or long value to double ,there is no error and values are casted implicitly..

why it is like that?
nasim thanx a lot for that explanation.....
sorry i didnt get that ..

even b2[1][2][1][0] this is a array and b2[1][2][0] is a array

so what is the difference ?why am i getting error only atb2[1][2][0]