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Recent posts by Ram Gokul

Can someone enlighten me about the these scopes and in what way , they play a roles ?

I do not understand the difference and by default I am using Request scope.If someone can clear the concepts , it will be really helpful.

13 years ago
what problems will we run into ? ( I am using indexed properties for first time ...)

In my grid ( which is editable ), my objects contain some int . Will Struts convert it into String before displaying and convert it back to int ? or should I convert into String and take care of int conversion in my Model class. ?

13 years ago
Thanks !!.
13 years ago
I have a requirement where in I have to provide a header and Grid details . The Grid details need to be editable and when user posts the form , I need to commit to DB and refresh the screen .

Is there any Struts components for the Same ?

Thanks in Advance,
13 years ago
These URLs are not real . I dont have a public Ip address and I have oversimplified the problem.

My main issue is not IE crashing , but the error in Java console called the "unsatisfied Link error " which inturn is crashing my Java interface . The details are as follows:

1.My first application has a java class, which is forcing the opening of Java console and registers a DLL .

when i log out of the application , the java class is finalized but DLL seems to be not unregistered. At this time , java console is not closed.

Now , I run the same appliciation in the same IE browser session .The java class again loads and tries to register the same DLL . At this time , I get a UNsatisfied link error in the Java console and the interface is crashing out. I see that in the second time , a new class loader is loading the DLL but STILL I get the same error .

The place where i think I need help is in my Welcome page where I can see if a Java Console is up and try to close it . If this can happen , then when my java class runs it will bring the console once again. BUT the javascript guys say this cannot be done.

So in my java class where i am registering the DLL using System.loadlibrary , can i do something ?
13 years ago
Is it possible to close a Java console that is attached to a Browser session using Javascript ?

Is it possible to close Java console or unload classes / dlls from the Java console that is attached to a Internet Browser ( MS IE in this case) programatically .
Right now , the java console is not clearing out if the client does not close the browser and visits another application in the same browser session. This is causing some crashing issues in my application.

1. http://Firstapplication/dosomejavastuff.html - This brings up the Java console in the Browser and loads class/ browser.

In the same browser session User types in :
2. http://Secondapplication/dosomejavastuff.html - This tries to load some dlls / classes in console and immediately MSIE crashes .

Does anyone know to solve the problem ?

14 years ago

In a servlet , I use a function request.getsession().getLastAccessed to get the last accesses time and then add 30 minutes to it to some functionality .

After March 12 , customers are complaining that this is NOT working .i.e the functionality is lagging behind an hour.

So in my JSP when i print now a simple variable , new Date() , it is showing me the following :

Last accessed Wed Mar 28 14:12:30 EST 2007

which is one hour behind my system time : 15:12:30 .

Can some one help me with this as even a simple statement like
<%= new Date() %> is giving a wrong result .
14 years ago
I want to call a vendors webservice from my servlet . I know the WDSL file.
Can someone point me how to do this step by step ?
I need to get a string token back from them.

14 years ago
We are planning to move to AJAX enabled JSF components .NOe of the point put forward by IT Architects is that , in that scenario , there is no need for developers to write / know Javascritps that make AJAX calls , as these components would do them .

Can someone throw more light on this.

Till now , I had a html:form which posts parameters to Action class A whose success forwarding is success.jsp .

This works fine and parameters I post do no appear in browser URL and success.jsp is called.The URL in Browser is http://myurl.com/ActionA.do.

Now , from Action class A I call another Action class B , and Action class B calls success.jsp . This is due to some security constraints I have . Success.jsp appears successfully , but the URL is now changed to http://myurl.com/ActionB?parameters_list_with_values.

1. why does the parameter appear in the second case and not the first case .
2. How can i hide the parameters from URL because it contains the User password ?

In both the cases , I execute mapping.findforward(success) .
Can someone explain ?

14 years ago
OK.I see your point .
I am in the process of developing a SSO page where in a User logs in once and gets the menu . From that menu he can launch different applications . ( reports / UI / lookups) .They are in the same container but different Contexts .
How do i achive this then ? Any ideas.
14 years ago
Is HttpSession an attribute of a container or for a webapplication ?
If I forward the request from app to another app , with jsessionid , will i be able to see the login user ( which is a session attribute ) in the second app also.

ie. From http://myname.com/myfirstapp/logon.jsp--> I forward to servlet which intializes the login user object and based on parameters , forward it to http://myname.com/secondapp/ with URL rewriting ..In this second app , can i see the User object.

I tried and it is not working but i think it should . Maybe I am making mistake in session rewriting ..Any advice.
14 years ago
I can access my URL in both http and https .
1) http://myURL.com
2) https://myURL.com:4444

But I want this logic to be contained in Web.xml where in only for some resource , I need to use https. I put the following in Web.xml ...But it is not working . As soons as i hit welcome.jsp , IE is trying to download the page to my Harddrive.( ???) .

following is code in web.xml

what is wrong with this code ?

PLUS I cannot access the site as https://myURL.com with out port number . I always have to append 4444 . Is there any way to autmatically add the port .

14 years ago
Thanks All.

I had a script which was included in my file which had a code like this

<c:when test="${bci.SDomain eq 'PEL'}" >

Why <c:choose> is not working out in 2.3 ? I thought in 2.3 you can call EL in a <c:xxx> tag.

One of the things I have used often is direct EL in JSP like
${bean.accountname}. My idea now is to change these direct embedding to something like <c:out value="${bean.accountname}/>/
Is this not enough to run in JSTL 1.0 ? Do I need to look out for more...

Thanks again
14 years ago