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C�dric Yhuel

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since Oct 10, 2005
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Recent posts by C�dric Yhuel

hang on.. if i switch to JDK 1.4, it all works fine..

Anybody has an idea for a workaround in JDK 1.3
12 years ago

I've extended JButton in order to add antialiasing to the button text. However, the buttons are now displayed with an incorrect size (too small), so the text displayed is clipped.
If i comment the renderingHint line, it all works fine.

I'm using JDK 1.3

Thank you for your help.

12 years ago
Thanks for this. My actual app uses three separate threads, one for stdout/stderr and waitfor.

I'm starting to think that this is due to some terminal initialisation (like noecho()) done in the console application. I tyhink i read somewhere that a process launched from a java program isn't attached to any terminal..

So a solution would be to launch something like xterm -e "ConsoleApp"
The only thing is that i'd like to hide the window that shows up after that call. Any idea ?
12 years ago
Hi all,
I'm starting a linux interactive console application that uses the ncurses library, from my SWING application.

The program starts ok, but even if i don't do anything with the stdin stream object, it keeps sending line feed characters to the process. I guess this is some kind of weird stream initialisation from the spawned process (maybe due to ncurses).

The process uses wgetc to grab characters from stdin (i'm not completely sure about this).

Has anybody got any clue about what is going on ?

For info, here's the simplistic version of the source code i'm using:

12 years ago