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Any thoughts on the current Java job market in the UK? I have over 6 years of work experience. My skill set is Java/J2EE. Thanks in advance!
14 years ago
I am using Tomcat 5.5 and using OSCache 2.4.1 to improve the
performance of JSP pages.

When a user logs in, records are loaded from the database, but this
takes too long and the browser freezes until all the records load. To
cache this occassionally changing content from second request onwards,
I surrounded the JSP with <cache:cache> tags.

However, if I refresh the page or navigate to another link and come
back, it still seems to go the database and fetch the records! Can't
figure why it does not cache. The cache is apparently created and
" Created new session-scoped cache in session
94FFF4FAE818657D63DFD96049A9A99A at key: __oscache_cache"

In oscache.properties file
The rest properties are commented out

In the JSP
<%@ taglib uri="http://www.opensymphony.com/oscache" prefix="cache" %>
<cache:cache scope="session">
...jsp content here...

I also enabled disk caching and when I see the cache file, it caches
ok! The content appears in the cache file in c:\\myapp\\cache. Don't
understand why it still goes to the database.

Any ideas?
16 years ago

Java version is 1.5.0_09.

I am trying to connect from a Windows XP machine to another Windows (2003 Server) machine using sockets . Getting a socket error for the following line. and throws EOFException

Stack Trace

If I step into ObjectInputStream, I see:

However, the same code works when I try to connect from Linux(Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 4 (Nahant Update 5)) to Windows. Turned off Windows firewall but no luck.

On the Windows Server I am trying to connect to a server agent waiting on port 2002 that helps me connect to Citrix running on that machine. The agent runs as a Windows service.

What could be wrong here?

St.Peter (pearly gates)
17 years ago

Coldplay - Yellow.

Great song! Great video! What a beach!

Anyone know which beach is that?
17 years ago
Depends on a lot of factors.

Things you like to do, your financial situation(studying in the US can be expensive), family constraints etc.

You are one of the fortunate few who is getting paid well and enjoying what you do. Now you have some good admits. Not an easy decision. The advantages of going abroad are many. Living in the US is hard but will make you independant, confident and will broaden our horizons. The US is truly a melting pot of different people, cultures etc. You will learn a lot.

And if you are going to a top-30 CS school for graduate studies, I'd say there is little chance you can go wrong. These are top schools and you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best minds out there. There will be courses where you can go deeper into the foundations of what Computer Science really is. Maybe you will like it so much that you will stay on for a Ph.D. Maybe you will hate it so much that you will leave with an M.S.. Most probably you will fall somewhere in between.

You're 23 and IMHO shouldn't be too concerned about ROI at this stage in your career. There are plenty of job prospects in the US even if jobs are moving overseas. I should know since I recently changed jobs. The market is much better than it has been in years and yet the number of jobs moving to India and other countries are also increasing. If you want to move back to India as soon as you finish your MS, there are plenty of big MNC's in India who will look very positively at that MS you have from a US school.

"Will doing an MS actually build my skills in terms of better jobs?"
Depends on the job you're looking for. If you go for something more hardcore CS, an MS would almost certainly help. Most MS programs have courses on Algorithms, Architecture, OS, AI, Theory mandatory and these can give you a wonderful background in those fields. If you're looking for Ajax, Ruby to be taught in a MS program, you may be disappointed. (You can learn the basics on your own in a week or so)

"Are there enough jobs in R&D depts. of various companies lying vacant where they actually use theoritical CS."
Yes, Absolutely. Some may require a Ph.D. though.

"What is preferred in the industry?"
Which industry? R&D jobs need a Ph.D.. A "normal" job you can get by with a Bachelor's.

"Another thing that concerns me is that to earn big bucks I will have to do an MBA even after my MS"
You want to earn big bucks? Become a banker. There is a higher probability you'll make big bucks there than in the software industry unless of-course you get lucky, work for a start-up, get bought over....

Make your own decision. Consult your family and close friends.
17 years ago
So is GE Healthcare in Barrington - just outside of Chicago. Lots of open positions - J2EE, design patterns and the like. I believe the website is gecareers.com. And they pay well.
17 years ago
Wondering what the comparative effort for the two exams, SCWCD and SCBCD, is if one chooses to prepare from the HF series. Could be different for different people, but just wanted to get a feel of the avg. time and effort it takes for the SCBCD vs SCWCD.

I gave the SCWCD recently. Took a while - few weeks - to prepare.

17 years ago
Thanks for your wishes.

Yes, I did have previous experience, but I haven't programmed in them for a while now.
17 years ago
Passed - 75%

HFSJ - mock exam score 43%, given 36 hours before the exam. Outstanding book.
Frederic Esnault's notes - Thank you very much. Great notes!
An agreeable meal.
A good night's sleep.
A cup of joe in the morning.

17 years ago
Not a smart thing to do
17 years ago
This is one of the seven millenium problems. And now there are six unsolved. I think P = NP? is one of them...

17 years ago
Van Bommel reacted to get Figo a red, cause he (belatedly) realized that head butting is a red. Theatrics for sure, cause the contact was definitely soft but that doesn't absolve Figo. It's sad that someone with so much skill on the ball lacks sportsmanship. Figo also got Bouhlarouz sent off, and that was not a deliberate elbow.

With this kind of refereeing though, the big matches could be decided by a ref. rather than some teamwork. And that's sad. Also, sucks to watch a game stop and start every two minutes and some player get sent off by an idiot who takes the rules too literally. It would be a shame if this happened.
17 years ago