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Thanks everyone!

As for the Itinerary class, yes I showed it in the class diagram together with all other classes. I didn't change any relationships between the business entities. However, I made a few small additions here and there . Basically, my clss diagram included all classes I needed to implement this system.
Not exactly... I decided to go with pure J2EE (no Struts, etc.). However, I needed a framework so I created my own - losely based on Struts . By framework classes I ment actions, jspBeans, business delegates, service locators, facades, and all this other nonsense...
I had one main class diagram which showed all entity classes and most of the framework classes. I also had two additional class diagrams, each for an abstract component from the main diagram. Moreover I put value objects in a separate diagram. So in the end I had four class diagrams - one big one and three small ones
Finally! The wait is over!

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061)
Grade: P
Score: 93
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70.
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 44
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 39 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 10

I'm on my third week of waiting for results... :-| I just loged in to i-7 cert tracker database for the first time and I noticed that the history doesn't show that the assignment had been uploaded. Should it? It shows both exams though...
Well, frankly SCEA is just pretty easy to get. I'm still waiting for my Part II/III mark so I don't want to say it's trivial but... Part one - basics, basics, basics, and the actual questions are very well known so you can buy test exams with _exact_ questions for something like CAN$40. Part II - again somehow straight forward. The only hard part is that the requirements are terribly written (on purpose I believe)and are really vage. It's not up to the system architect to collect requiremnets. Sure I've been involved in that in the real life but architect's real responsibility is to translate requirements into system architecture that can be implemented by developers and which addresses all functional and non-functional requirements. The SCEA assignment is more of a business analyst excercise. Where on Earth would you find a company that would allow an architect to make business decisions to the extent presented in the assignment? Anyway, going back to the question of SCEA being easy to get I can only say this: I'm only 25, I've been working as a developer for not even two years so I don't have a hell of expierience, and I didn't do any studying for this beyound my usual readings (and I seriousely don't spend too much time investigating computer-related stuff in my spare time)... I believe that if someone can't get through this certification they should seriousely rethink their career... Oh, and if anyone asks I also got 93% on part one...
Using HTTP Session vs. SFSB has its advantages and disadvantages very relevant to the assignment's requirements. It's up to the architect to advise one or the other and to explain their decision. You _can_ use HTTP Session for this assignemnt.
Well, sure it's all up to your design but why would you persist flights or even worse equipment? This is information that is stored in the database and is not modifiable by users, right? But hey, with requirements that vage you can assume pretty much anything - for example custom flights
Man! What the...?! I took part 3 today and it's just the same damn thing that everybody puts in their documentation anyway. What a freaking rip-off

Oh well, at least I'm done. Now the waiting begins...
"FBN does not wish to re-write this system [FFM] at this time, but would like to have the content available to the customer using the web and the travel agent using an application."

As for the struts framework. I believe that nobody can say it's wrong but I would also keep to core J2EE apis. Just to be safe. It's very easy to mockup struts framework in the class diagram anyway and simply call classes after appropriate patterns (Front Controller, Action/Command, etc.). I used a similar approach constructing a simplified version of Struts but not using the actual name anywhere... seriousley, it take's like four classes (counting only abstract classes of course).
Hahaha! Sure you can implement the whole system in just one class! Too bad BASIC is not a J2EE standar cause you could use that as well. I would also suggest using a whole bunch of gotos - I heard that people who mark SCEA assignments are crazy about them. Good luck in your architecture career!!!

OK, sorry - long day at work. Maybe you want to rethink the "one class" approach...
Do you guys show interfaces in your component diagram? I'm using an old version of Rational Rose which doesn't allow me to add 'lollypops' to components and I'm wondering if it's ok if I leave this detail out. Any comments?
Steve are you thinking about running several instances of the app server? There's only one machine for the app server so I'm not sure what clustering yo ave in mind.
Anyone has any thoughts on this? Has anyone wdesigned the system such that users can modify paid itinerary segments? Has anyone designed the system such that user's couldn't modify itineraries that where already paid for? I know it's my design decision but I want to get some feedback on any of these appraches as both of them seem to be valid and I'm not exactly sure what I want to do....