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Recent posts by Sara Olsen

Got my book from today :-) :-)
Got my book from today :-) :-)
new K&B book for 5.0 exam is expected soon, waiting for it aswell
Search the forum for more information about 1.4 vs 5.0 exam, and you will find a lot of discussions about it.
Please search the forum for the answer. They don't know yet.
Maybe at the end of Dec in US. I'm sure Bert will post a topic on this when he knows the exact date

Originally posted by anand phulwani:
Dear Ranchers,

3)There are 73 questions in exam and not 72,i wonder why
someone has not mentioned that,Are They Really Giving
Exams Or Just Posting??LOL

[ November 16, 2005: Message edited by: anand phulwani ]

Congrats to both of you, well done

There were actually 71 questions on my exam! (And I missed one question to pass the exam ) So I think it depends on which exam you get.

(It Is a Little Difficult To Read, When You Write Like This )
18 years ago
When will the next two chapters be available?
Book 1 and both mocks are for jdk1.4 certification. Book 2 and 3 are for jdk 5 exam, but not available yet.
I bought Whizlabs as well, i think it's ok at this time when there are no books avaiable.

Originally posted by Sandeep Chhabra:
Or the Question is incomplete(but when i review it shows the complete Question),

I've seen this myself, it's the ugly flash app that's buggy. If you scroll to the bottom and then scroll upgain,you will usually see the bottom text. It's missing at first (and then the question make no sense).

I've also reported some bugs to Whizlabs, and got a new questionbank.

I did the exam and think the questions good practice. It's lot better than anything, but I wish there were more than 4 exams.
I think 310-035 is the one?
You should check it out on -> certifications -> scjp.
yes. If you have a look on and go to certificatoin you will se the list of topics for the exam. That's what you should count on...

Originally posted by Niranjan Deshpande:
Are the topic HashTable and its methods included in the syllabus for SCJP1.5 Exam? The Heller & Roberts book doesn�t discuss these topics.


Also, Do we get questions on Queue<E> interfaces? This too is not discussed in Heller Roberts book.

The Collections Framework & Generics is a very vast topic. Do I need to know each and everything in the generic tutorial pdf file ( on sun website) or what is in Heller Roberts is sufficient for me.


Please guide me.

[ October 31, 2005: Message edited by: Sara Olsen ]
I bought Head First Servlets & JSP this week, and have already gone through half the book. I've been working with J2EE for a while, and most of topics are well known to me already, but I must say it an amazing book! I just love it :=)

I read it like another crime book or something, which I just can't throw away

Don't know if it's enough to pass the exam, but it's good reading anyway, and cheap, so I would suggest this book to everyone!