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Recent posts by Alan Mc Kernan

Hi guys,

I am considering taking the SCEA as I wish to eventually move into an Architect role. But I am not sure if I am experienced enough. In short my experience

- MSc in Software Engineering (Hons)
- 1.5 Years working on Java/J2EE projectswith Oracle SQL
- 1 year working on .NET Web Apps (mostly back-end and middle tier) with MS SQl
- 6 months working in a Business Analyst role
- Sun Certified Java Programmer (98%)
- Sun Certified Java Developer (95%)
- Sun Certified Business Components Developer (96%)

I know my experience may not be sufficient, but I am passionate about software and have a good head for studying.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,
Hi there,

I've been out of the java game for one and a half years now, i did do some work with ejbs before on version 1.3 I assume.

I also have the headfirst book so it seems to make sense to do the 1.3 EJB exam.

I've got the 6.0 JRE installed, and the latest JEE version installed too. This obviously means I will be working with the 5.0 EJBs right?

Can you tell me which JRE and which J2EE i should be working with.. i see a few versions 1.3, 1.4, etc.. and I see the likes of 2.0, 2.1.. so its confusing. Also I cant seem to find thw download for J2EE 1.3.

Please advise,
Hey there,

Yup I passed fine with them in. 30/40 it seems, yeah im kind of disapointed in that. I invested as much time on the GUI as I did on the rest of the project. I even had the GUI designer in work look at it, and he gave me lots of tips, and I re-designed it to what he advised.

Oh well.
Finally passed after 4 long weeks!
But whats up with my scoring, its out of 155.. is this normal?

Grade: P
Score: 374
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section, and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible score is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations (maximum = 10): 8 Documentation (maximum = 7): 7 O-O Design (maximum = 3): 3 GUI (maximum = 4): 3 Locking (maximum = 8): 6 Data store (maximum = 4): 4 Network server (maximum = 4): 4
I figured it was okay to use the icons. Someone else here agreed with me. Its too late for me anyway

I guess Ill find out and let you know soon.
Hey there,

Been working in J2EE environment for a year. With that said I have'nt done a lot of ejbs. I have a vague idea. Iv done the SCJP and SCJD and Im wondering whats next.

I was thinking of Object Orientated Design and Analysis with UML or the EJB exam. Which one would you recommend from the perspective of jobs/money etc? I have roughly 2-3 months which I can dedicate to studying for the exam. Thats roughly 6 hours a week, which I beleive should be sufficient to pass with a reasonable grade.

I've uploaded the assignment and sat the exam. Its been two weeks since then. I know there's no need to worry yet, but is there any way of checking that there is no cogs in the works - that sun have received both parts and is either processing or is in a queue to be processed?

I have a hashmap, which i use in a reader/writer fashion. But sometimes the readers dont come along and take the object out(theres nothing we can do about this). This is causing a memory leak. Any idea's on some kind of HashMap with a timeout period, where the stale objects will be removed?

Any ideas appreciated,
16 years ago
Hi there,

I want to be able to run a deamon process in my J2EE container periodically. I know JBoss has a scheduler but I want my solution to be implementation independent.

This deamon process is just a simple program which "cleans" stale entries in a HashMap based off a timestamp they were entered into the map.

Has anyone any ideas?
I think thats a bad idea to be honest...

I think they just mean that your code should be extensible, i.e using a good architecture.

And that you should have space in your GUI real-estate for adding some extra buttons etc.
I thought it didnt, but I read somewhere it counts towards 10% ?

Im looking for a schema construct which will allow me to have something similar to a sequence, but allow the elements to occur in any order, and have unbounded max occurs.

I know of the "all" construct - but I beleive this only allows maxocc to be 0|1

Any help?
Hey guys,

Relatively new to Swing coding. I have an applicaiton with many panels, all using grid bags.. (I found it the easiest one to get things into the places i want them to be in). Everything looks nice when there is enough space, but when i crop the window to some very small size, instead of just not being able to see most of the panels, they seem to be attempting to dynamically resize to fit the window, and its all getting bunched up and overlapping jlabels etc, how do I stop this ?

16 years ago

Here's a screen shot of where my GUI is at, at the moment.

The green highlighing indicates an unbooked record. You can sort in ascending/descening order on all columns.

The problem I have is what to do with that big ugly chunk of white space. I've tried putting some buttons there, but they look out of place.

I was thinking of having buttons there which could switch mode - i.e Search & Book | Create | Update | Delete .. which would show a different frame on the left hand side. Two problems with this, as I mentioned the buttons look out of place, and two, I havent implemented create/update/delete functions in my business layer or gui, so I cant really add the buttons. But the intention is that for the future someone could add these extra buttons and functionality.

The file menu is also a bit bare! But the application looks all wrong without one..

Thoughts, criticisms, tips, all welcome.
Regards, Alan